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Daniel Ebanks English Teacher

Welcome to my first blog post. 

Hello and welcome to my first blog here with Oxinity, I have put this together to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Ebanks and I am from a small town in England  called Ipswich about 100 kilometres north of London. My home town is very rural and surrounded by villages and farms. Around one hundred thousand people live there and we have a famous football team based in the city centre. 


My background is underpinned by sport and activity, I have always enjoyed playing sport and being active. I played in all of the school teams and on leaving school I went into professional sport. Of course when it came to study at University I chose sport science which led me into a career in health and fitness. I worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionists before moving onto my masters Degree. When I finished my masters I then moved into teaching. I taught on various subjects in various educational institutions. 

Teaching English

More recently I have been teaching English. I find it fun and enjoyable teaching English because I love helping people and it really helps me when I am trying to learn another language too. I have an empathy with how people feel when they are trying to produce language. I also know how rewarding it can be to piece together what you have been studying and for it to finally make sense. 

Teaching Style

I love to teach a variety of students, but if you are particularly interested in sports, health or fitness. Then I may be the teacher for you, I have experience as a sports coach and I can help teach you general English as well as some of the vocabulary and phrases around these topics. Maybe you are looking to become a coach or work in the sports industry, if so I can tailor your learning to help you with this. Look out for my future blog post where I will go into this a little more.

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