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Forever is a Long Time, But The Show Wasn't Long Enough

"Forever" was a season of 22 episodes, comprised of supernatural mysteries, New York murder cases, historical romance, tragedy and romance.  It aired in 2014 on ABC, and although it was set for renewal, it was eventually cancelled for unknown reasons.

The show was popular online, and in Spain and France, but was not well-received in the USA due to its perceived similarity to shows such as CSI or NCIS, and lack of interest in the more supernatural elements of the story. Online, Forever was voted as "one of the best of the television season".

Main Characters:

  • Dr. Henry Morgan, pathologist who has a tragic past & huge secret.
  • Abe, a Jewish Nazi-survivor who runs an antique shop & lives with Henry.
  • Detective Jo Martinez, recently widowed, who begins to work with Henry.
  • Lucas, a junior pathologist who likes Henry, dead bodies and comic books.
  • Adam, a creepy guy who keeps calling Henry to taunt him about his "secret"


Henry Morgan, age 35, gets shot aboard an 1800s slave vessel because he refused to stand aside whilst they killed a slave. Instead of dying, he begins a life of immortality, always re-born into water whenever he is murdered/dies. He dedicates himself to trying to find a cure to immortality. He lives through insane asylums, the industrial revolution, WWI, the 20s, WWII and countless historical and racial atrocities, losing friends and loved ones.

Currently 200 years old, Henry lives with his adopted son, Abe, a 65 year old who runs an antique shop. Abe was a baby who survived the holocaust, found by Abigail and Henry who served in the war as medical staff. Henry later married Abigail, who now has been missing for 25 years, presumed dead.

Henry currently works as a pathologist and lives his life as a pseudo-Sherlock, with honed detection and observation abilities due to being 200 years old. At work, Henry meets Detective Jo Martinez, recently widowed, and they begin a sort of partnership solving crimes using Henry's expertise as a pathologist and doctor. They form a friendship and Henry slowly starts opening up to life again, having been closed off since Abigail left. Henry dies a lot during investigations and worries about being discovered.

Henry starts to get phone calls from a guy called Adam, who claims to have been alive for 2000 years. Adam is pretty creepy, playing a game of cat and mouse with him through murders.

The main plot is Henry trying to find a cure for immortality whilst making friends and trying to figure out who Adam is and what he wants. Then comes the mystery of what happened to Abigail, and the dilemma of whether to trust Jo with his secret.

Henry has a slow-burn relationship with Jo, since both of them are still grieving their past life-partners who died, and have some encounters with other potential love interests. Thus, it is a reasonably unique situation (in TV) of a widower and a widow who find companionship and maybe more (there was no second season).

Overall, a deliciously slow-burn, witty murder-mystery crime show set in New York, with nuanced life lessons about love and friendship intertwined with Sherlockian deductions and an immortality curse. This show makes you want to get out and experience all that life has to offer. It will bring tears to your eyes when you learn about Henry's past, and make you giggle at Henry's antics and witty repartee with Jo and Abe.

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