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How to stay focused while learning something new. My experience as an English teacher in Barcelona for language learners. Part 2.

I mentioned in my last blog, three techniques people can use when they need to focus. There are a lot more techniques people use, strategies to implement and what sort of results or effects it has but the what I like to do most of the time is listen to music, set goals, and keep a record of things. 

I mentioned in my last post how it can impact our concentration and focus and you can follow the link there if you want to read more on it. Personally I've found it helps me manage my focus and productivity. In addition to that it calms me down and it helps me finish my task faster and more efficiently. Of course it might not work for everyone but there's plenty of research to show that there is a sizeable amount of truth to this. 

One of my favourites that I didn't mention in the previous post is goal setting. Now this is something I have recently become better at doing. I've found setting small achievable goals has massively helped me improve my focus AND my motivation. Recently I've picked up running and knowing that I've done a run I set out to do or that I accomplished my daily or weekly target makes me feel much better about myself and boosts my self esteem. 

Finally something else that I like is keeping a record of what I have done and will do. Now I'm not the best at making my own records so personally I prefer having some software that will do it for me but this makes me a lot more willing to focus and do things as I have my goals laid out in front of me. 
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