The Direct Method by Agatha Winiarczyk - Profesora de inglés - Barcelona

Agatha Winiarczyk

Profesora de inglés


The Direct Method



When it comes to teaching, how you teach is something personal and tailored to each student. There are many different types of methods that we can utilize and incorporate into the classroom and one-on-one sessions. This is why I want to explain my teaching method and why I always prefer the direct method above all others.





Key Aspects To The Direct Method

Students are not allowed to use their mother tongue.

It is extremely important when learning a new language that the student does not depending on constant direct translation. It is vital that they not only begin to speak in the new language but to think in the language as well.


Speaking is taught before reading and writing.

When teaching using the direct method the most important factor is that the student focuses on speaking. Approximately 80% of the lessons are focused on speaking, then reading and writing are incorporated. It is critical that the student is able to have a conversation above all else.


Lessons are focused on language used real life situations.

Vocabulary is chosen based on language that is used in daily real life situations. By focusing on target language that the student can practice outside of the lesson it will not only build confident using the new language by helps them practice on a daily basis.


Grammar is learned through speech.

Instead of sitting down and reading through grammar rules, the student will naturally pick up the rules from speaking. This is when it is crucial for the teacher to correct the student and ensure that they are able to understand and learn from their mistakes.

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