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Agatha Winiarczyk

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Teaching Level 1 Students

Leave Your Inhibitions At The Door...

One of the first questions I get asked as an English teacher is how do you teach someone who can't speak a word? Well, there's a whole process that goes behind a lesson like that, that's for sure. I must say those lessons of course can be the most challenging but are the most rewarding as well. I always answer first but saying it's really important to leave your inhibitions at the door. You cannot be shy or nervous to teach someone something so complex with any sense of embarrassment. You need to feel confident and relaxed in order for the student to feel the same because the student is usually always much more nervous than you are.

When it comes to teaching the lessons I also really focus on using gestures, this is a huge part of it. Being able to utilize whatever is in the room to help me teach the vocabulary word or grammar use I will use it. If I need to teach someone the verb to drink, I will immediately pull out my water bottle and pretend to drink out of it. The same goes with any verb that beginners are learning: to write, to look, to laugh. It is all shown by movement and speaking. If you're able to teach someone a new word and make them laugh during the process then even better.

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