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Agatha Winiarczyk

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Business English Classes Tailored To Your Profession With Agatha Sarah

When it comes to learning business English most people believe it can be a bit tricky. That they need to change the tone or the way they would normally speak. Of course we need to be more professional when we are at work but all we need to incorporate into our speaking to achieve this is vocabulary and the proper use of it. This can be easily done especially when we are focused and target a specific set of language that we want to integrate into our daily use of English.

I have worked with several different companies covering many fields of business. Accounting, project management, real estate and even fashion are just a few that I could name. Of course having a degree in fashion this is always the most exciting for me however, it is just as interesting to help a student work new target language in whichever field they are in.

Let’s take for example fashion. One would ask how would we begin the process. I would start by asking them to describe what they are currently wearing. A white sweater with a pair of jeans. Now we can take it one step further. Describe the type of white, is it off white or natural white. The same with the denim. Are they a pit of acid washed jeans or light blue. Then we continue on to the silhouette. What body shape do you have and which type of jeans do you like most on you. Boyfriend, skinny, bootcut... the list goes on and on. And before you know it basic fashion terms are incorporated. Once you build a basic foundation you can proceed with fashion terms incorporated into your daily job depending on which field you specialize in. It takes a few lessons and then these become staple terms you use everyday to help build your vocabulary on a professional level.


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