Does your English sounds like Spanish? I know why. by Ana Sanchez - Profesora de inglés - Madrid

Ana Sanchez

Profesora de inglés


Does your English sounds like Spanish? I know why.

Hi! My name is Ana and I am a language professional with more than 12 years of experience teaching English and translating.

All my career is about languages, I combine training and translation because I think both match perfectly. Thanks to teaching I can do more accurate translations taking into account many aspects of the language structure; thanks to translation I can teach the connexion between languages and how, on the other hand, they are different from one to another.

Working with languages has led me to jobs as customer service, lounge waitress and tourist guide abroad and here in Spain. Those professions are directly related to deal with foreigners who don’t speak any Spanish and normally don’t use the typical expressions in English.

I have also studied English, I perfectly know what problems you are facing when trying to have a conversation or helping somebody, I was in the same situation. But there is a solution, believe me. I am a bilingual English teacher who knows how to improve your English level putting into practice your own knowledge to make you realize you can do it, and you will notice that English it is not so difficult when you stop thinking in Spanish.

                  My strengths:

                     · Communication: this is your goal -> speaking, I will help you.

                     · Patience: I know learning a language it’s not a piece of cake, don’t worry, take your time.

                     · Dynamic: I’m sorry, I don’t like the typical written exercises, we put the language into practice.

                     · Motivated: your improvement is the best reward for me.

                     · Confidence: I know your difficulties, and we are going to solve them.

---> You want to learn some more about me, let’s check here. Or watch my video presentation.

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