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Why watching the Simpsons in English can help English Learners

Watching the Simpson in a foreign language can help your Language Skills


When you think about language learning, do you think about the Simpsons? Did you know that by watching the Simpsons is another way to improve your English? That’s right, everyone’s favorite middle-class family isn’t just here to only entertain us but it also can teach us. How does watching the Simpsons teach us something? Well, continue reading and you’ll find out.

My Three Reasons Why:

1.    Longevity: The Simpsons are the longest-running animated series in American tv history. They have been on the air for 30 years and they have 651 episodes to this date. With such a long history, they have a lot of content which means there is plenty of opportunities to watch every episode. Unlike other tv shows which have ended such as Friends, the Simpsons continue to produce more and more episodes, so you don’t have to worry about the series ending anytime soon.

2.    Culture: Learning a language isn’t just about grammar, it’s also about culture too. This show is a stereotypical satire of a middle-class American family. Not only do you get to watch and enjoy this hilarious show but you also get to familiarize yourself with American culture. Throughout the show’s run, there have been many cultural references and predictions about the future that have come to pass and this goes to show just how much the Simpsons are integrated into society (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/simpsons-30-times-fox-comedy-successfully-predicted-future-1140775) .

3.    Expressions: When taking English classes, you learn what they call textbook English. Textbook English is good but it’s not very helpful when speaking to native speakers. By watching the Simpsons, you will hear and learn about everyday expressions. You learn a lot of new words that you would never hear in a classroom setting. The way that the characters speak are fast but that is the natural way of speaking. You will be able to hear an informal and formal way of speaking, pop culture trends and slang all the while listening to the pronunciation and tone of the words.


I know that watching the Simpsons isn’t considered a traditional way of learning but it’s a fun way to learn. I always find that if you find the joy in things that you want to learn, then you tend to enjoy learning. So why not give The Simpsons a try and start watching!

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