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Super Bowl 53 your complete beginner's guide

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the USA and this year Atlanta will host this great sporting event. You can watch this short video about Atlanta Welcome to Atlanta. Every September, the NFL season begins with 32 teams who compete against each other over a 17-week period during the regular season; until there are only two teams left to play for the famous Lombardi trophy. Which two teams will be playing for this trophy? We have the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots.

The Rules: Just like any other sport the team with the most points win but how do the teams score?

  • The offense: scores by moving the ball down the field by running or passing the ball. The offense can score either a touchdown or a field goal. A touchdown is when the offensive team crosses the opposing team’s endzone by a passing or running play. A touchdown is worth 6 points and the team has an opportunity to go for an extra point or a 2 point conversion. When the offense can’t score a touchdown, they can kick a field goal which is 3 points. A field goal is made on the 4th down and when a team is in close range to the endzone.
  • The defense: prevents the other team from scoring. They can do this by turning the ball over by preventing 1st downs, having the offense punt the ball, fumbles or ball interceptions. The defense can score points by tackling an offensive team in their own endzone for a safety.

The Players: Who does what? Each team can have 11 players on the field and can make as many substitutes as they want, but if any team has more than 11 players on the field, they will get a penalty.

  • Offense: The quarterback (Qb) is the leader of the offense; he can call plays; typically throws the ball to a receiver or hands the ball to the running back. The Center is the leader of the offensive line. Center snaps the ball to the QB, blocks defense players. The offensive line is used to protect the QB so that he can pass or hand the ball off and block the defensive players. The wide receivers catch the ball and the running backs run with the ball when handed. The tight ends can be both blockers or receivers.
  • Defense: The defensive line defends and tackles offensive players. The defensive backs: the corners cover WR and the safeties try to stop long pass plays to WR.
  • Special Teams: They deal with all kicking plays such as making field goals, punting and kickoffs.

Who will win the Lombardi trophy (I hope the Rams)? Make sure to read my other blog post watching sports. The Super Bowl is a fun time to enjoy all the funny commercials, check out new movie trailers, eat lots of food and drink beer and of course to watch the halftime show concert. This year’s performer will be Maroon 5.

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