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The Great Potential Of Web Classes

Imagine yourself being at home and meeting your students from the comfort of your sofa. You are about to teach an English class but you don't even have to close the door behind you. Still, you'll see and talk to your students and conduct an engaging and dynamic class with all the elements that you would plan if you were to teach in a classroom. 

Until relatively recently this was just an illusion teachers would only dream about but new technologies have made it possible for a teacher to reach students from all over the world with the sole help of a mobile device and a good internet connection. And, of course, using a great system created by a great community of teachers to give all the support and know how that any teacher needs. 


When we think of English classes, we probably visualize a classroom, a teacher standing at the black or whiteboard and a couple of dozens of kids or teenagers. Only few of us would relate English classes to less traditional environments such as taking a coffee while learning in a cafeteria or even learning English while walking, commuting, or from you’re the comfort of your sofa, with the only company of your laptop or mobile phone and yet a real teacher on the other side of the line. 

Talking about the latter, we are witnessing an increasing presence of classes by videoconference or web classes as an alternative to traditional classroom settings we cannot but evidence their potential and opportunities to bring education as far as we can imagine and not limit it to a particular place. 

Despite the challenges of our first steps, when the objective was to grant good connections in the first place and adapt tons of material to the web class format, we soon reaslised what a great potential there is to teach via videoconference, and the reach and relevance it had in learners. By creating an amazing platform for web classes that combine the video chatroom with the materials in the same window, we opened the possibility for many teachers to broaden their horizons and look for students beyond the borders of their city and country. We reduced their traveling time and made it possible to achieve a better work-life balance as they don't have to leave their homes. We made a reality to reach students anytime anywhere in the world.

We gained the trust of hundreds of students who now can opt for quality classes even in remote places where there is no language school or qualified teachers. For them we have also reduced the cost of the classes without giving up quality. Flexible, economical, reliable, high-quality and engaging! This is the format of a web class that our learners enjoy right now. 

There has been a long journey from our first classes to the expertise we have today. A lot was created, a lot was learnt, and a lot more is coming! Today we still have some challenges to overcome but no one has the slightest hesitation of one thing: the future of English learning and teaching has no physical limits anymore thanks to the web classes.

An advice for new teachers? Here are some from our community members. It's your turn now to embrace one of the biggest breakthroughs that the internet has provided to us, teachers: opening new horizons for growth, surpassing frontiers, taking English to any place in the world!


Autumn: "Get familiar with the platform first"

Erika: "Speak slower than you would in person. Don’t get frazzled by bad connections, and try to be creative with learning aids. Try to use a lot of pictures, and prepare concept check questions to check understanding".

Brasheet: "Ensure you will not run into any connection issues on your end (cannot control the students part) speak loud, clear and concisely".

Harvie: "Always do a test run. Make sure your equipment is working properly and don’t over complicate activities. Keep everything simple".

Hilda: "Prepare well and have a back up plan for technical issues"

Patricia: "It is still a class, you need to follow a logical order depending on contents, must be familiar with the system to avoid wasting time when looking for activities and feel confident talking to a camera".

Evan: "Keep calm, and speak clearly". 

Emilie: "Do have the students participate as much as possible".


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Radmila Gurkova

Oxinity.com Co-Founder