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Measure it!

During this week we have launched a new tool that will help you not only to position yourself on the internet as English teachers, but will allow you to follow up on those actions that are giving you the best result.

For this, we have put at your disposal a blog, with which you can write about you, in order to make people find you. It is important that you think about what you can offer that differentiates you from others and that is also likely to be searched by people on Google.

For this, it is necessary that you use all the sections that we propose for the creation of a blog:

Publication date: Date in which you want the blog to start appearing.
Witdhdrawal date: Date in which you want the blog to stop appearing on your page.
SEO description: This description is what searchers like Google use to show in their results, and also what they use to index your pages.
Picture: This section is to upload a photograph that will be used in the presentation of the blogs on your page. It is important that it is not too heavy, maximum 500kb, the less the better. Once uploaded, when you open the post, it will be inserted automatically. If you want you can remove it from there.
Title: The title is very important. It is a decisive factor for Google to show you on the results of its searches. And also you need to make it good enough so that people feel attracted to read it, and it must be something that people may want to spend time reading it: time is what searches value the most. Take time to think it over.
Summary: This section is what will be shown in the list of blogs on your page in the blog section. It can be the same as the one described in SEO description.
Post blog: This section is the one that people must want to read. It has to be very attractive for people to spend time. The key is time, if you get people to spend time in your page, Google will classify you as relevant and you will go up in the ranking of search results. Add pictures, interesting YouTube videos, ... and make it pleasant to look at and read, with relevant information.

But only with a blog is not enough. The most important thing that you must take into account, is that any action you do, but you cannot measure, does not count. It is very important that you can analyze the results of your social network activity. For this, we have created a section on your web page that is called METRICS.

In this section you can see all the visits you are having, and which campaigns are having better results.

To create a campaign to track and follow up, you must go to the campaigns button and create a new one. The fields needed to create a campaign are the following:

f-Identifier: The identifier. Each time you press the + button, you are given one by default that you can change. It always starts with two Xs. I recommend that the XXs are changed by two letters that will remind you where you are going to post the post. For example, if it is on Facebook I would put FB instead the XXs, and if it is on LinkedIn I would put LKIN. This way it will be faster to identify where you are having better results when you see the listings and grouped. You can also change the numbers by some description such as: FB_halloween_post.
URL: this field is where you must paste the url you want to follow up on, either from a blog post you are doing or from your main page. Always add the https: // for example, https://oxinity.com/julie-labate/blog?post=17
Description: This section, although it is not necessary, if it is convenient to be able to remember why we did that campaign, where we going to post it, and what were our expectations,....

Once all these fields are inserted, and the CREATE button is pressed, an url with the tracking codes is generated automatically. This url is the one that should be pasted every time you make a campaign in social networks to analyze the results you get. I recommend that you click first to make sure it works fine and it is not a broken destination.

If you get used to work like this, you will be much more effective in your campaigns, spending less time and concentrating on the campaigns that are giving you good results.


Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez

Oxinity.com Co-Founder