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Become an English Teacher and Grow a Successful Business in Spain Supported by a Great Community of Teachers


Fed up of the 9-5 Rat Race?

Another year is coming to an end and a new one is about to offer brand new opportunities for us. How would you like your professional life to be in the New Year? 

December is a fantastic moment to prepare yourself for a big change. One that can bring you joy, rewarding emotions and economical benefit. English teaching now more than ever is a great opportunity for those speaking English at a native level and wanting to travel the world.

Let your career start with some good training. The Oxinity 120 hour TEFL course offers you the certification and hands on experience you will need to start your new life in 2019 as an English teacher, anywhere in the world. We offer a solution to the two most important questions asked in any job advert in TEFL.com, the world’s No1 website to find English Teaching Employment.

  • Do you have a CELTA, Trinity TESOL or equivalent 120 hr course?

Our 120 TEFL course exceeds the recommended standards by the British Council being the only course that offers 20+ hours of observed teaching practice (most TEFL and CELTA courses offer only 8 hours)
  • Do you have work experience? 

It is hard finding a job post qualification, but not with us. We offer employment to successful candidates on our course. Most companies are looking for 1-2 years minimum. Which is extremely tough just after you qualify.

We are a unique provider who:

  • Prepares you to teaching both online and in person with our "live working book", created by all the teachers that collaborate with us
  • Integrates you in an enthusiastic and creative collaborative team of teachers who will support you during your course and career
  • Integrates a marketing couser into our program which gives you the skills to promote yourself for private classes.
  • Aids you to prepare your profile and create video CVs (which most schools/academies and online teaching companies throughout the world are requesting during the interview stage).
  • Provides all the technology and know-how to market yourself as a teacher (your own website, merchandising, metrics)
  • As a result of your course you will build a website with us, where you can showcase your newly acquired skills.

 During the course you'll experience:

  • A hands on learning with a lot of role plays, debates and creative solutions to classroom challenges

  • You'll observe a variety of teachers who will show you that teaching is enjoyable and fulfilling
  • You'll be challenged to become the best version of yourself as a teacher
  • You'll find out the immense possibilities that technology provides to become competent and successful teacher. And all you need is a laptop or tablet
  • You'll gain confidence by practicing with students of all levels and ages and you'll be monitored by experienced teachers
  • You'll meet new friends who, as you, love teaching and sharing experiences!

Don't wait and book your interview with us here. We'll be happy to welcome you on board!


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Radmila Gurkova

Oxinity.com Co-Founder