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Josie Salmon
2023-05-31 12:09:13
Hello! I am a native English speaker from Sheffield in the north of England. My students often tell me my enthusiastic and effective approach to teaching is what makes my lessons enjoyable I have been teaching ESL online since 2020 and focus on teaching conversational and Business English, Before I became a teacher, I worked for a technology company for a total of 9 years. My professional background means I have a lot of experience using business English including; formal communication, such as client networking, meetings, emails, interview preparation, and so on. What to expect from my classes: I use both materials or free conversation topics to guide the lesson. I am very focused on motivating my students to speak and will give lots of help, corrections and encouragement. My main focus is to get you feeling confident and comfortable with speaking English! My lessons are usually 30 minutes or 1 hour long. So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, contact me for a free trial class and I can help you to communicate comfortably in English!
Georgina Malagarriga
2023-05-27 18:10:34
Profesora de inglés cualificada, acreditada con el certificado CELTA para enseñar inglés a personas de todas las edades. Cuento con 5 años de experiencia, enseñando inglés de forma presencial a niños, adolescentes y adultos, siguiendo el método de Cambridge English. Preparadora oficial del B2 First Certificate Exam y C1 Advanced Exam. Ahora soy profesora de inglés online, ofreciendo clases virtuales a particulares o en grupo.

Mi primera experiencia docente fue en el 2008, en la European University of Business and Marketing, donde impartí las asignaturas de Diseño Gráfico Interactivo, Herramientas Multimedia y Proyectos Socio-colaborativos Online. Desde el 2015 soy profesora de inglés y he impartido clases en un mismo centro durante tres años. Mis alumnos han sido de niveles y edades muy dispares, desde niños (a partir de los 4 años) a adolescentes y adultos. También fui encargada de las clases de preparación a exámenes oficiales (FCE y CAE) durante dos años. Asimismo, he sido sustituta de distintas materias en el American School of Barcelona y el St. Paul's School, también en Barcelona.
17.5 /hora
+ 7.5 /trayecto
Sonia Mendes
2023-05-17 12:05:44
I am patient, resilient, energetic, enthusiastic. I love helping my learners to achieve their goals. In the sessions we are a team following two goals: learn and have fun and I'll be there to guide you throughout your way.

Always wearing a smile, energetic, multi-task, resilient, animal and plant lover, life lover this is me! After graduated in International Relations, while living in Spain, mastered in International Trade. I have worked with customers from US, Canada, Uk, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Japan and Portuguese manufacturers from all over the country, in order to place our extraordinary Portuguese products in the foreign market. It has been a wonderful job for almost 20 years. After 20 years in a business career I've decided to dedicate my life to teach English as second language. I am currently teaching english online to children and adults. It’s a demanding and challenging way of doing it but it’s at the same time rewarding. At the end of the day I feel that I can do the difference in a student's life after each session.
Bev Sisson
2021-01-31 00:00:01
About Me: A regular 'gal' I... love my job, am close to my family, live on a rustic small holding in rural Bulgaria with my husband, three dogs, horse and chickens. A people person who believes that communication is the most important thing in any relationship. likes and dislikes: Steak if it is medium rare Salad if it is fresh from my garden Wine if it is rose and chilled Gardening if it is sunny Music if it is not too 'heavy' Reading if it is a good book, I dislike approaching the end! Teaching English if it if's here Hobbies: I love to travel but prefer to experience culture and cuisine, I get pretty bored on a beach. My garden is hard work but the produce is rewarding, there is nothing as sweet as home grown Bulgarian tomatoes! My dogs are Lagotto Romagnolo. Truffle hunters by nature, but play always seems to interfere so we have not made our fortune in truffle sales!

My first experience of teaching was 25 years ago. I owned and ran a Martial Arts Academy in Newcastle, UK. During this time I taught various martial arts to all ages at beginner and intermediate levels. After moving to Bulgaria I was frequently asked about random English words, their pronunciation and meaning. So, I started teaching basic English to small groups in the bar I owned and ran during quiet periods. This gave me the 'bug'. Six years ago I decided to complete a TEFL course and make a career out of Online Teaching. For the first few years Teaching children in China was an excellent experience but I am now expanding my abilites within the Oxinity group.

Com funciona Oxinity per aprendre espanyol?

Oxinity és una plataforma pensada perquè professors i acadèmies, que ensenyen espanyol, aconsegueixin clients propis. La missió d'Oxinity és proporcionar totes les eines necessàries perquè professors particulars i petites acadèmies tinguin un avantatge competitiu sobre les grans empreses dedicades a l'ensenyament del IDIOMA#.

Com escollir el millor professor particular de espanyol a #CIUDAd#?

Cada alumne pot escollir directament el seu professor particular de espanyol a #CIUDAD#. Tot tracte es farà directament amb el professor. Oxinity presta un servei al professor/acadèmia i podrà expressar la voluntat d'aquests si prefereixen que negociem en nom seu. Un cop arribeu a un acord amb el professor particular, l'alumne tractarà directament amb el mateix professor. Oxinity garantirà en tot moment que els acords establerts entre alumnes i professors es respectin, i vetllarà pel compliment per assegurar el servei, garantint que els professors particulars compliran amb la seva obligació, i exigint el compliment del pagament per part del client, prestant el servei de cobrament a compte daquests serveis en nom del professor.

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