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Paddy Byrne
2021-07-30 18:46:25
I am a Native English speaker and love to meet new people and learn about new cultures. I am used to working in a team and have experience providing customer service to both the Irish and UK markets. I previously worked at Mercedes-Benz as a Complaints Case Manager and a Customer Service Representative and I have experience working in the insurance industry so I have plenty of experience of practicing the use of Business level English. I have always felt a passion for training my colleagues in previous jobs and love to teach, helping others is very rewarding. English has always been a strong subject of mine and I enjoy reading and writing. My 120 hour TEFL certificate from Oxbridge TEFL has helped me enhance my knowledge of the language and how to teach it to you. I would love to be your guide in improving your level of English and help you achieve your goals!
Bev Sisson
2021-07-27 12:55:05
Hi, welcome! My approach to teaching is very much based on information from you. I want to understand your goals, so together we can make sure you reach them. How much time you will dedicate to your learning is important for me to know, so I can figure out how to accelerate your learning within the time frame you have. My experience allows me to recognise your level, to know when you are too comfortable with certain learning materials or when you need a challenge. Once we have established your goal, mine is to motivate you, to create a vibrant and effective learning environment to give you the confidence and capability to achieve your targets. My commitment to you give me 100%, I will give you 110%
Emma Lenanton
2021-07-21 17:08:31
Native British teacher with a passion for inspiring others to fulfil their potential. Friendly, approachable & personable whilst maintaining the professional ability to ensure the students' needs & goals are achieved through a communicative approach whilst utilising unique technological platforms.
Vaiva Markes
2021-07-20 22:14:56
I offer students optimised and accelerated English language study. It’s XXI century, an era when language learners deserve the best quality to study in this demanding, competitive and fast paced daily life, where 24 hours a day don't seem enough anymore.
Chrismari Nel
2021-07-20 12:38:30
I am a patient and friendly person, with a passion to make a difference in somebody's life.
Sonia Mendes
2021-07-14 10:59:09
Always wearing a smile, energetic, multi-tasking, resilient. Loving animals and plants, loving life, this is me! I'm a Portuguese native, proficient in Spanish and English. I come from the International Trade area but I've decided to follow my passion that is helping children and adults to learn English. In each class, my students and me, we are a team following two goals: learn and have fun and I'm there to guide them throughout their way, to achieve their goals. Knowing how important is to improve the communication skills in English, in each session we dedicate special attention to speaking, always working grammar, structures and pronunciation. I'm waittng for you!
Jimmy Diaz
2021-07-12 14:07:24
I am a language lover willing to share my knowledge with beginner to fluent level students using fun and dynamic teaching methods. Being a native Spanish speaker and incorporating over 8 years of experience in English allows me to teach in a clear and diverse way. From living around the world in different English and Spanish-speaking countries, I have developed the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people and I look forward to helping others to advance their language skills.
Olga O.
2021-06-27 13:19:47
Do you want to learn English? I offer smart lessons that focus on conversation and critical thinking. An English teacher with a Ph.D. in English Literature, I have 10+ years of teaching experience at university level. My private tutoring experience, on the other hand, is mostly with kids and teenagers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, I can help you (or your child) improve your language skills with personalised and authentic teaching material. Throughout the learning process, I will provide you with guidance, support, and best practices in English Language Teaching. If you want to find out more, come and join me in class!
Georgina Malagarriga
2021-06-23 10:09:58
Nací en Ginebra, Suiza. Crecí en Delaware, EEUU. Y llegué a "casa" (Barcelona) a los 9 años, sabiendo hablar 4 idiomas a la perfección. Pasar mi infancia en el extranjero me ha hecho ser abierta y receptiva, cualidades que aporto a mis clases de inglés. Palabras que me definen: pasional, empática, comunicativa, creativa, amable, entusiasta. Enseñar es un dar y recibir constante. Todo se puede aprender, tan sólo necesitamos encontrar a la persona que nos ayude a creer que podemos hacerlo.
Erik Ramsay
2021-06-16 17:21:49
A native of north-east Scotland, I am keen and have a vast reserve of energy when it comes to both languages and teaching. Studying both German and Spanish has allowed me to recognise the nuances of language learning and to see, what is needed to succesfully support an individual through the proccess.
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