My passion for climbing, mountaineering and teaching English in Barcelona by Colin Carter - Profesor de inglés - Barcelona

Colin Carter

Profesor de inglés


My passion for climbing, mountaineering and teaching English in Barcelona

Hi, my name is Colin, I am a English teacher with Oxinity. I have travelled and taught English in China and Vietnam, I have also been teaching Outdoor Education for many years. I am a keen Climber an Mountaineer, I also love Kayaking and exploring the outdoors. Travelling and teaching in China was an amazing and eye-opening experience. There are so many different people and everyone has an interesting story to tell.. The Chinese people were very welcoming and to me and there was so much culture and history to see. They are a very proud and reserved people but they are also very welcoming and keen to share thier rich culture. I really enjoyed teaching there because I only every had a maximum of 8 students in my class and we used lots of games and rewards to encourage student to speak and listen as much as possible. Vietnam was also an amazing place, the people live very simply and they are a really generous people. I have also lead groups of young people on expeditions to India and Malawi, where we took part in treks across the country to really explore what the country has to offer. In the future I hope to complete my International Mountain Leader and lead trips arround the world. I think it is important to learn at least some of the language when you travel and it is a beautiful experience when you can properly connect with a new culture and people. I hope that by combining teaching languages and travel I can help more people to connect with cultures which are not thier own.

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