What makes us the Best English Teachers in Barcelona? What sets us apart as Oxinity ESL Teachers? by Coral Hall - Profesora de inglés - Barcelona

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What makes us the Best English Teachers in Barcelona? What sets us apart as Oxinity ESL Teachers?

What makes us the Best English Teachers in Barcelona? What sets us apart as Oxinity ESL Teachers?


Why you should learn English with me

I am an Oxinity ESL teacher and I am native British. I am highly qualified, speak Spanish, have a background in business management and many years experience in teaching. I have many skills and interests including music,writing and travel. Great for conversation and specific vocabulary....However.....

These qualities alone do not automatically make me the first choice when students are deciding on an English teacher. My appealing factor is that I can teach students English in a shorter space of time. I am always guaranteed to be prepared with the best materials, therefore I undoubtedly offer the best value for money. 


How exactly is our system better than a textbook?

Our short personal assessment ensures my classes are specific to age, level and type of classes desired by my student. Offering a range of class options to suit all budgets and designed to ensure maximum progress every single class. The Oxinity teaching system monitors progress and automatically adjusts the next class accordingly, assuring that both teacher and my student are achieving and exceeding their potential. 

Where can you take your English class in Barcelona?

Using the latest educational technology and cloud access, I can offer classes anywhere which allows me to be flexible and enables the student to access the same materials to view activities covered in class. There is also a free Oxinity app that can be used by our students to practice grammar and vocabulary in the form of a game; accessible from their mobile or tablet. 


Using Oxinity, in every hour class my student will cover 5 or more activities according to their learning goals. These are categorised as follows:


Vocabulary: Presented in context and with the use of images. Practiced within a directed conversation and reproduced to maximise retention of new vocabulary.


Structure/grammar: The construction and connection of new language forms and how to utilise them in the correct format. Presented, practiced and produced to reinforce development.


Topic activities: Written and developed by teachers about current topics; developing fluency via reading and understanding grammar and vocabulary in its natural format, enabling the student to recognise and contextualise new and existing language knowledge to improve comprehension. 


The methodology of the Oxinity model is the basis of language learning and ensures every student’s learning style is catered for. This method of teaching holds massive success in accelerating the learning process and ensures every class holds maximum potential compared to a teacher using a standard text book. It also makes classes more fun and relevant with the incorporation of creative questions, role-play, imaginary situations, group and individual tasks.

The combination of an experienced, motivating teacher and a technologically advanced teaching system, creates a powerful tool that provides my students with the potential to achieve the best results in the shortest time. In a place where my student feels comfortable. With learning materials specific for them.


 Oxinity ensures the rapid success of my students which ensures my reward and success as a teacher.

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