David Silva

Profesor de inglés


Not here to sell you snake oil to improve your English skills but to really help you take a major step into becoming a more fluent and confident English speaker or simply pass FCE or CAE exams more easily.

So, I have finally decided to start writing blogs to help you with your English learning process! Let's see how this one goes...

My name is David Silva. I am a highly qualified and experienced English Teacher, raised in MIami,USA. and with over 15 years in the field of ELT.
Throughout my life I have been able to visit more than 25 countries. I have lived and worked in some of them, I have also met people from all over the world which has shown me the real meaning and importance of speaking several languages. I am totally Bilingual in English/Spanish. I speak Italian as well and a little French, I can even say some words in Danish.
I would describe myself as a self-motivated, fun , passionate and engaging kind of guy, characteristics that have helped me become an excellent communicator and obviously a more memorable English teacher, someone from whom students will learn something from.
One of the things I realized at a very young age is that I love helping people achieve their goals in life, specially when it comes to becoming a more confident and fluent speaker of the language, that is precisely what motivates me the most and I can take pride in knowing that, if you let me,I can make a difference in your learning process.
My students immediately see this difference from the very first class. I always give my students the opportunity to understand English as a foreign language and therefore use it in a more confident and comfortable fashion.
Like all teachers I obviously enjoy the process of teaching thoroughly and it gives me so much pleasure to see my students making some real progress in English, that is an amazing thing to experience.
I honestly do not teach English just to make you aware of some grammar structures, common collocations, some very useful phrasal verbs or essential vocabulary to pass a Cambridge exam.
I do it because I truly believe it opens so many doors not only in the business world but more importantly the possibility of getting to know about other people, to learn about their culture, history, interests, values, etc. I mean what really matters when you learn a new language.
That "gift" you are given when you learn English or any foreign language should be the motivation to always wanting to get better and better and I would love be there to help you to get into this exciting new world!! 
I guess most of my future blogs will deal with this idea in my mind of what it is to learn a language. It is about everything related to it.

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