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Profesora de inglés


Profesora de Inglés

Hola! I am Despoina and I am a bilingual teacher from Athens, Greece. I currently live and work in beautiful Madrid. 

Throughout my career I have worked in various fields of expertise, as English Teacher, trading operator, photographer, sales representative. All these, made me realize how English can connect people around the world and turn your life into a wonderful adventure. And wow! How wonderful is it to be able to travel and communicate, to exchange opinions, to interact with people anywhere you might want to go!

All the above made me an even more passionate teacher, eager to teach other people and help them see English as a tool of communication, as a tool to connect. As a teacher and as a bilingual individual, I can understand the difficulties one can have while learning a foreign language. This is the reason why I can identify and relate to the problems one might have to deal with and be able to explain in a much more efficient way. Because I had the same difficulties!

When teaching, I am using a communicative method, so that students can improve/learn grammar and vocabulary, through a subject that will interest them. In every lesson, I always try to encourage my students to use the language in accordance to their abilities and to help them improve every time a bit more.

English is connecting people! Explore more, communicate more, connect more! Let me show you how! Learn English with me!
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