A comparison from an English Teacher on Christmas in Britain compared to Christmas in Barcelona. by Elliott Crowe - Profesor de inglés - Barcelona

Elliott Crowe

Profesor de inglés


A comparison from an English Teacher on Christmas in Britain compared to Christmas in Barcelona.

The festive season is well and truly upon us. With only one day left before old Santa Clause come down the chimney. Christmas is a fantastic blend of family and friends and a very rare opportunity to see those you haven’t for the whole year. In my small town in Wales it’s the only time of year that all my friends manage to get together. And for the family too, with uncles, aunties and cousins separated all over the country.

So, everybody takes the opportunity to enjoy that nobody is working! Apart from me writing this quickly on Christmas Eve! But after this, I shall nip out for a beer in a pub with a few friends. Nice and cosy by the log fire. Followed by this all friends return home to enjoy a dinner with their families, which by the way, is eaten as early as 5 or 6pm. After dinner is wolfed down, we all head to Conwy Castle. Where carols are sung, and Santa appears following a short firework display. Then the families are left and it’s time to enjoy the company of friends again with some beers that hopefully won’t ruin Christmas Dinner.

The following morning, hopefully without too much of a hangover, gifts are exchanged. Traditionally followed by a walk along the beach. This is normally a little more extreme than the beaches of Barcelona, with cold ghastly winds. But it always helps freshen you up and shake off the hangover. It also helps increase your appetite ready for the greatest meal of the year. A huge roasted turkey, with all the trimmings. We have a variety of five different stuffings, from chesnut to honey. Of course pigs in blankets are in abundance. Roast potatoes, mash potatoes and the most delicious gravy. A few too many brussel sprouts which are sent down my Grandad's way!

Christmas day is typically our most important day and stands as a very family orientated day. Gifts, walks, food and board games fill Christmas day. Which is then followed by a fantastic day normally spent at the Rugby Club. On the 26th, the club holds a 1XV game vs Presidents XV which includes ex-players and players who have to play at other clubs. It was in this fixture that I managed to play against my Dad and my brother. One time the game was played in the snow! A warm shower  and some food quickly follows before the club fills and drinking games begin. Before you know it, the 27th has arrived and Christmas is over in a flash.


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