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Oxinity training!!



Oxinity Training!

Hi guys. With training at Oxinity almost finished it’s time to publish that video and a first blog post. Training has been very informative and interesting, and I’m really excited to put those learned skills to the test!! We have learnt how to use marketing as an effective tool to grow your business. Under the careful guidance of Kriste, Graeme and Radmila, we are hopefully prepared to begin our international English speaking Empires.  I like how the system Works, with a community of teachers providing resources and materials, there is a true team feeling within the company and plenty of lesson topics to choose from!! Getting to use these during classes is pretty exciting. I went to a class yesterday and had a brill time. With an error from Google maps (let’s blame them) I ended up getting a Little bit lost and turned up a Little bit late. After 5 minutes running up to several wrong floors and confused secretaries I arrived at the classroom sweating and desperately out of breath. But once in, we had a great time and the class flowed like a conversation with slight interventions here and there, for a Little bit of extended learning. Ashley and the students just seemed like a few old mates having a chit chat or discussing things in a bar. I really like that set up and methodology towards learning, and can’t wait to get

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