▷ Enhancing Language Learning: The Power of Original Content and Tailored Teaching at Oxinity

Enhancing Language Learning: The Power of Original Content and Tailored Teaching at Oxinity

In the recent discussions at Oxinity, Katherine Elkington was warmly welcomed, sharing her extensive teaching experience across various countries and modalities, including face-to-face and online teaching during COVID times. She expressed comfort in both methods, highlighting their respective advantages.

The Friday Talk recap emphasized classroom behavior guidelines and the importance of sending feedback emails for student progress. Questions about the Oxinity system touched on email sending procedures, note-taking for students, and leveling processes.

Camila Pico stressed the need for adjusting teaching paces to accommodate diverse student engagement levels, while discussions on Oxinity's methodology focused on creating original materials tailored to specific language challenges, prioritizing oral communication, and fostering authenticity and engagement in learning.

Overall, the conversations underscored a commitment to effective teaching practices, adaptability, and continuous improvement within the Oxinity community.

Summary of the ideas discussed during the Friday Talk:


1) Welcoming Kathering

Person Idea Description
Katherine Elkington Introduction Living in Spain and Andalucia, just outside of Granada. Starting autonomo as of the beginning of February. Teaching for almost 30 years in various places including Malaysia, Oman, UAE, South Africa, and the UK. Starting a blog with a grammar point. Experience with face-to-face and online teaching, including hybrid programs. Used platforms like Teams, Zoom, and Skype. Experienced in teaching all ages and copy editing/proofreading technical documents.
Gergo Question about teaching methods Asked about Katherine's experience with teaching in person and online.
Katherine Elkington Teaching during COVID Experienced both face-to-face and online teaching during COVID, including a hybrid program. Used platforms like Teams, Zoom, and Skype. Also involved in copy editing/proofreading technical documents.
Gergo Preference between face-to-face and online teaching Asked Katherine's preference between face-to-face and online teaching and reasons for it.
Katherine Elkington Preference for both face-to-face and online teaching Feels comfortable with both methods. Acknowledges the advantages of face-to-face teaching for connection but also highlights the effectiveness of online teaching and its inevitability.
Gergo Differences in materials used for online and in-person classes Asked about any differences in teaching materials between online and in-person classes.
Katherine Elkington No significant difference in materials Mentions using interactive whiteboards for teaching, making it similar to online teaching. Emphasizes the challenge of managing larger classes online.
Gergo Question about class duration Asks about Katherine's expectations for class duration.
Katherine Elkington Experience with short classes Has experience teaching short classes and acknowledges the need for practice in pacing and timing.
Gergo Closing remarks Thanks Katherine and welcomes her to Oxinity.

2) Last week Friday Talk recap

Person Idea Description
Gergo Recap of last week's discussion Gergo mentions that in the previous week, the focus was on defining what shouldn't be done in the classroom, both in a digital and general classroom setting. He asks for a recap of these points.
Jas Anand Guidelines for classroom behavior Jas Anand suggests several guidelines: punctuality, avoiding phone usage, starting with quick questions to maintain pace, avoiding small talk, not eating or drinking during class, and refraining from using swear words. He emphasizes summarizing the class and sending feedback emails as important practices.
Gergo Importance of sending feedback emails Gergo adds that sending feedback emails is crucial for student progress and is also expected by the students and the company. He underscores the importance of this practice for both these reasons.

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3) Questions about the Oxinity system

Person Idea Description
Katherine Elkington Sending emails Asks about sending emails after a lesson. Learns to click the save button first, then send the email. Can choose to send to all students or specific ones.
Gergo Notes for students Explains the importance of filling out notes for students, especially during trial classes. Mentions saving names of commenters and how it helps the community.
Rob Brugman Notes filling Asks if filling out notes is compulsory, should include name and date. Receives clarification that it's important, especially for trial classes, and adding notes post-class is encouraged for tracking student progress.
Josie Salmon Notes on trial classes Confirms the importance of notes, particularly for trial classes. Emphasizes filling out the date for tracking student progress.

4) Leveling Students at Oxinity

Person Idea Description
Georgina Malagarriga Regarding notes and student levels I would ask everybody to read the notes, especially those regarding student levels. It's important to inform the head of quality if a student should be at a lower level, as sometimes the team isn't informed and it prolongs the problem.
Gergo Asking about the process Asks Georgina how the process works regarding levels.
Georgina Malagarriga Informing about reporting levels Explains that when teachers have a trial class, they should report the level to Zendesk, using the green button, to inform support staff.
Gergo Reiterating reporting process Confirms the process of using the green button on Zendesk to report issues.

5) Different students require different paces

Person Idea Description
Camila Pico Different students require different paces Camila discusses the varying engagement levels of students in her class. She mentions that some students engage easily while others require more effort to catch their attention. She emphasizes the importance of learning to manage different types of students. Initially, she struggled with the pace of the class, especially with three students in a 30-minute session. However, she now finds the fast pace beneficial as it keeps both her and the students active, ensuring nobody gets bored and everyone remains attentive throughout the class.

6) OXINITY: Why, How & What

Person Idea Description
Gergo Focusing on creating own material instead of copying from the internet Students expect high-paced classes due to the 30-minute system. Discussion on why the company invests in creating its own activities rather than copying from the internet.
Zoe Furniss Tailor-made courses instill trust and authenticity Students pay for tailor-made courses and trust the company more when the material is original.
Katherine Elkington Focused practice and accuracy for students, ease of working with own material Creating own material allows for focused practice, accurate activities tailored to student level, and ease of use.
Jas Anand Originality and uniqueness of own material Using own material makes Oxinity different from simply copying and pasting from the internet.
Katherine Elkington Different teaching style and pacing The pacing and structure of lessons differ from other platforms, with wrap-up questions at the end of each section, rather than just at the end of the lesson.
Rob Brugman Emphasis on oral communication rather than visual or reading Oxinity focuses on oral communication, contrasting with other platforms that may emphasize visual or reading-based activities.
Zoe Furniss Tailoring material to address specific language difficulties, focusing on speaking and listening Material is tailored to pinpoint language difficulties and encourage speaking. Lessons are not generic but focus on specific language challenges.
Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez Reasons for creating own activities: Reduce teacher workload, learn from other teachers' experiences Creation of own activities aims to reduce teachers' workload by sharing resources and to facilitate learning from each other's experiences.
Gergo Authenticity Emphasizes the importance of creating original content (photos) to represent one's perspective and methodology. Original content reflects the philosophy and teaching approach of Oxinity, promoting authenticity and individual perspective in teaching materials.
Gergo Methodology Highlights the methodology of Oxinity in creating teaching materials, focusing on speaking and listening over reading and writing. Discusses the purpose of activities and the flexibility teachers have in selecting and adapting them based on student needs and class dynamics.
Jonatan Evolution Describes the evolutionary process of developing Oxinity's teaching system, including the implementation of vocabulary, structure, and topic-based activities. Mentions the importance of reducing teacher workload and sharing experiences to continuously improve the system.
Josie Engagement Stresses the importance of method in generating interest and engagement in language learning. Reflects on the interconnectedness of interest and method, suggesting that interest stems from the method used in teaching.
Georgina Natural Learning Explores the idea of language acquisition through natural learning processes, such as listening and speaking, drawing parallels between learning one's native language and learning a second language. Advocates for a focus on usage over explicit grammar rules, emphasizing the role of exposure and practice in language acquisition.
Tara Learning from Others Expresses interest in learning from other teachers and gaining insights into Oxinity's teaching methods. Acknowledges the value of collaborative learning and the opportunity to understand new perspectives and approaches to teaching.
Katherine Order of Activities Questions the order of activities and seeks clarification on whether it's possible to deviate from the prescribed sequence of vocabulary, structure, and topic activities. Indicates a desire to optimize the lesson structure based on student energy levels and learning needs.
Rob Confidence Building Highlights the role of topic activities in building student confidence in speaking and communication. Suggests that these activities encourage free talk and provide opportunities for students to express themselves, even if they make mistakes, fostering a supportive learning environment.
Catherine Coherence Discusses how the structured approach of Oxinity's teaching system provides coherence in lessons, allowing teachers to follow a consistent pattern and students to benefit from a clear learning framework.
Alister Adaptability Mentions the adaptability of Oxinity's teaching materials, noting that teachers have the flexibility to adjust activities based on student progress and needs. Emphasizes the importance of tailoring lessons to individual students and responding dynamically to their learning trajectories.
Maricarmen Continuous Improvement Reflects on the ongoing evolution of teaching methods and practices within Oxinity, highlighting the value of experimentation, sharing experiences, and collaborative learning. Encourages pushing boundaries and exploring new approaches to teaching, with a focus on constant improvement and innovation.

20240419_102303-Meeting Recording

19 de abril de 2024, 8:55a.m.

1 h 28 min 0 s



Nezha Essouaf, 4:05.



Raquel Pozuelo, 5:19.

Good morning.


Maria García Fernández, 5:23.


How are you?

No, no worries. Hi, how are you? I need to call that Lady. Yes, I will call him or her. Her name, Nuria. I will call. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, I didn't remember the name. So I didn't know if it was a guy or a girl. I will call her later.


Jas Anand, 5:35.

Hi, Maria.

Oh yeah, ___ she is she?


She is actually part of the ____. The people I went met in Madrid and ____ used to learn with us. Do you remember? She had, like, yeah, ____. But then she's got so busy at work. So this is a friend of a friend of her. So there's a big group of them. I know. But I think I get the feeling she just wants to do 1 to 1 and that's we talked about it in a Friday talk once, didn't we? How do we get people to do group?


Maria García Fernández, 6:09.


I will talk. I will talk to her. And from there we will see. How about the rest. Hi, Catherine. Hi, Alistair. Hi, nessa. Hi, Diana. Hi, Raquel. How are you? How was your week? At least there. How was your week? The first week teaching. Good, bad.


Jas Anand, 6:23.



Diana Kugotova, 6:28.



AlisterLane, 6:38.

No, it's gone. It's gone very well. So, so far I had one one cancellation yesterday that occurred a couple hours before the time.


Maria García Fernández, 6:40.



Jas Anand, 6:44.



AlisterLane, 6:47.

But other than that, yeah. Other than that, it was, there was a slight confusion because I hadn't refreshed the page, so I thought it had happened within minutes of the lesson. So me and the assistants were trying to work out what had happened, but no, it went well.


Maria García Fernández, 6:47.

Well, that happens. Yeah.

Happy to hear that. And for the rest, good one good quick.


AlisterLane, 7:05.

Yes, all good, all good, all smooth.


Maria García Fernández, 7:09.

Well, Catherine is going to start teaching with us next week, so let's see. Yeah. Are you excited?


Katherine Elkington, 7:14.

Yeah, yes. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you very much.


Maria García Fernández, 7:19.

OK, so let's see if we gotta go gergo's already here. So I.


Gergo, 7:25.

Hi, good morning.


Diana Kugotova, 7:27.



Jas Anand, 7:28.






Gergo, 7:29.

Hi everybody. How are you today?


Jas Anand, 7:32.

Good, good.



Gergo, 7:36.

Sunny, happy. Ready. Tired.

Fed up all of all of all of these little bits.


Jas Anand, 7:42.



Katherine Elkington, 7:43.



Jas Anand, 7:46.

No, all good.


Gergo, 7:49.

Alright, alright so.

Today we we supposed to have a few new people joining us, perhaps a little later.

Catherine, because because we have, we have met on, we have met on Wednesday, but the rest of rest of the rest of the community haven't heard from you yet. Could you please come to the microphone, introduce introduce yourself shortly?


Katherine Elkington, 8:22.



Gergo, 8:24.

If if it's OK with you.





Katherine Elkington, 8:27.

My name is Catherine. I am living in Spain and Andalucia, just outside of Granada, and I'm starting my autonomo as of the beginning of February, so it's all a work in progress.

I have been teaching for most 30 years all over the place, so I've taught in Malaysia. I've just finished up a contract in Oman. I was in the UAE in the Emirates for many years. I've taught in South Africa.

Car I'm the UK.

That's it. It's all a new learning curve. I'm looking forward to the platform Maria has given me a grammar point to start doing a blog with. I've written A blog so I'm busy practising that and.

I don't know any questions.


Gergo, 9:18.

Yeah, I I had a question on Wednesday, but I waited with that until today because as I remember you, you, you taught in person classes as well or or.


Katherine Elkington, 9:30.

Oh, so I have. Yeah, I've taught.


Gergo, 9:31.

Mostly and then.


Katherine Elkington, 9:35.

During COVID, we all moved online so I have experience with face to face teaching and online. And then we went to a hybrid programme which basically remained in place for the rest. You know, once COVID, but we had to be back on campus, but a lot of the students were quite familiar with the online, so it was it was pretty much a hybrid.

So I wasn't only during COVID was I exclusively teaching online, so I've been using several platforms. We use teams, so I'm quite familiar with that. We also, I've also talked privately using Zoom and Skype.

And I've taught all ages. I'm originally a Montessori teacher, and then I moved into the last place I was working was at a College in Oman with all our boys had to have a band 5 IELTS and they were going into engineering so it was very specific, so I've ended up doing quite a lot of copy editing and proofreading as well of like academic and technical documents which I found quite interesting because.


Gergo, 10:16.

Which do you prefer?


Katherine Elkington, 10:45.

Interesting to read your way through an aeronautical aerodynamics assignment. I mean I couldn't say anything about the content because I know absolutely nothing about the subject. So it's it's training yourself to look exclusively at the language. It was really very interesting. So I was doing civil engineering reports and all sorts of things. That was good. Yeah.


Gergo, 11:06.

That's fascinating.

And if you if you had to choose between.

Perhaps a stupid question between face to face or in person. An online classes which would you go for and why?


Katherine Elkington, 11:21.

I must be honest, I think nowadays everybody's so comfortable with social media and and online platforms and things. I


 think it's it's just becoming more familiar with what the online platform is. I think face to face is is really nice because there's you've, you've got a lot of connection whereas online you're talking to a screen. But I mean you can you can get a lot across. I had a lesson this morning with the with the student and I mean we were having a good laugh. So there's you know there's a lot of ways that you can connect with people online.

So I'm I'm happy with either. I don't think online teaching is going away ever. I think it's going to become more sophisticated and more adaptable and everything.


Gergo, 12:09.

And regarding the materials you use in a in an online class and in an in person class, did you spot a difference? What do you teach with what can you teach with?


Katherine Elkington, 12:20.

Not really to to large extent in the last place I worked, we had interactive white boards, so you were kind of teaching. It was kind of online anyway. 'cause you loaded all your stuff up your lessons and your your resources and everything you loaded onto the white Interactive Whiteboard and then you were using it. So the difference was you weren't sitting behind a computer. But I mean, you were still working with technology.

So the difference was just having, you know, 28 students in the class.


Gergo, 12:52.

Mm hmm mm hmm mm.


Katherine Elkington, 12:53.

And I and I think if you got that number of students in the class, it's a lot easier face to face. Whereas if you've got a smaller number of students online is is more doable, but it's quite tricky with a lot of students.


Gergo, 13:09.

A digital classroom, you mean?


Katherine Elkington, 13:11

Yeah. So during COVID, I mean, our classes were 28 students in the engineering. So yeah, exactly. And they were all over Oman, and it's a big country. So a lot of them didn't switch on their cameras because they didn't. It didn't make it chewed up too much power.


Gergo, 13:12

Uh huh. Camer. Mm hmm mm.


Katherine Elkington, 13:32

So they were a lot of very tricky elements because we had students who were in very tiny little villages or we had students who were in cities. So you never knew what you were dealing with. So you had to be, like, really careful. Kinda reached everybody. So that's tricky. It's easier in a face-to-face class 'cause you can see.


Gergo, 13:53

OK and. Now starting, starting with what do you expect from classes which last for 30 minutes? Because the majority of our class.


Katherine Elkington, 14:04

I've, I've taught classes for I've taught online always part-time, or I've done tutoring, so 13-minute classes. My timing is always a little bit, so I'm I that I will definitely need to practice is the pacing and the timing.


Gergo, 14:10

Huh. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Very good.


Katherine Elkington, 14:22

Practice makes perfect and off we go.


Gergo, 14:25

OK, nice one. Nice one, Catherine. Thank you very much and welcome to Oxinity once again.


Katherine Elkington, 14:27

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you very much.





Gergo, 14:34

OK, now. For instance, Catherine wasn't here last week and I don't know, perhaps a few of you also were missing. And last week we, we spent a lot of time eventually on defining what shouldn't we do in the classroom? Actually, that was, that was the focus on, right so. I'd like you to briefly help us to remember what things we shouldn't do in a digital in a classroom, in general, digital classroom as well, but in a classroom in general. Who would like? Who would like to? I don't know. Maybe some of you took notes? Yes, please go ahead. Go ahead.


Jas Anand, 15:17

Well, what you should do first of all is to be punctual is said don't be late. Try not to be late and we spent a lot of time talking about for not using your phone. Try not to use your phone and then I suppose once the class gets going, start with quick questions. That's the key essence of proximity. That's how we differentiate ourselves. So no small talk because it's not enough time and I think we'd keep the pace going of the class and try not to eat or drink. Well, just having a cup of tea there obviously no swear words, etcetera we talked about and then once the class gets going, keep the pace and finish the class, summarize it and send an e-mail as a feedback.


Gergo, 16:02

Yeah. Super. Yeah, I. Anything else anyone would add to this? 'Cause I think this is really concise. Sending an e-mail is an important thing. I don't. I don't know. Last week we, we I think talked about it, but. But it's, it's, it's important that because it helps. So it helps the progress of our students and students also expect this from us from the company. So that's why it is, it is, it's important for these for these two reasons. Yeah. OK. Now, there were three questions, Catherine.




Katherine Elkington, 16:43

So sorry, can I just ask when I did my lesson, I wasn't quite sure how to send the e-mail, so I put the chat into the general conversation and I kind of pressed send, but I didn't know if it's sent. So I think I might just need a refresher on that.


Gergo, 16:57

Yeah. First you. But yeah, there is a save button.


Katherine Elkington, 17:04

Mm hmm.


Gergo, 17:05

Above the above, that's above the box where you where you could paste it, paste it. I thought that you click save 1st and then you can send the e-mail first it needs to be saved and then the e-mail will be sent.


Katherine Elkington, 17:18

OK, save and.


Gergo, 17:19

Yeah, yeah, exactly, exactly.


Katherine Elkington, 17:22

And is that in a general thing or is that to the particular student?


Gergo, 17:27

Now that's, that's, that's, that's you have this you have this this. You have this choice. In the in the in the. I don't remember now, but yeah in the general box. What you put over there will be sent to each and every student.


Katherine Elkington, 17:46

Ah, OK or specific, OK.


Gergo, 17:47

Who attended? Yes, and and there will be specifically sent to students. If you have a few notes or or or things to mention to the specific students.


Katherine Elkington, 17:59

Perfect. Thank you very much.


Gergo, 18:01

You're well. Welcome, Rob, please. Your microphone is off.


Rob Brugman, 18:09

Can you hear me?


Gergo, 18:10

Now. Well, yeah.


Rob Brugman, 18:12

OK, I think Josie told me. But I've forgotten there's some notes against each student's name. Do we need to fill out notes? Is it compulsory?


Gergo, 18:22

Would you like to answer this question?


Josie Salmon, 18:24

Yes, that's the the notes of the oh, do you mean on the attendant sheet? Yeah. So technically, the person who does their free trial should be filling that out. And then people can update it as they go along. But sometimes you'll notice that a teacher hasn't filled that out. So if you can just let the other teachers know, I always do it. If I see a blank one. But technically, the person who does the trial should be doing it. So yeah, if you're doing a trial, please fill it out.


Rob Brugman, 18:53

So it's compulsory and should you put your name and the date in there too?


Josie Salmon, 18:57

If you put the day so we know. Because if it was the first class, we know when it was their first class or we know if they've been with the system for a bit or if they tell you what class it was, then great. But yeah, the date's important. So we can see.


Rob Brugman, 19:09



OK. OK. Thanks.


Gergo, 19:12

Yeah, yeah. The date is important. Your name is. I think it's optional. And also the system, in fact, saves the name of the last. Commenter. So yeah, yeah. Who who commented and about being compulsory, well.


Rob Brugman, 19:21

Teacher, thank you.


Gergo, 19:29

If it's a trial class. Please consider it compulsory because that helps the entire community a great deal and after and after that, right when you when you start, when you start the class I or before when you prepare for a class I think I hope most of us do read these do read these notes on the on the students. And after the class. If you see that there there has been a big change. Right. Then add some notes. OK? Like for example if the last comment is from from. Last August, saying that the student struggles with. Quick questions and then you notice that that right now there is no problem with the quick questions. Furthermore the the student is able to independently form sentences then add this. So we see that the progress has been made. It helps the next teacher a lot in the next class to to. To work to work with the with the with the student. And for the future, I think we did talk about this about a year ago that it would be nice to have A to have a system in which we can actually follow the the. Like what was done with this student in that what is, what is the history of the student? I mean like on a the learning curve. Yeah, to come. We have other Buddha, we have other things to focus on also because we have an algorithm that follows that follows the the OR it. It evaluates the day-to-day or week to week improvement of the students and that's how we received the the activities we receive in a classroom. Georgina, you raised your hand, haven't you?





Georgina Malagarriga, 21:33

Yeah, I did. Regarding those notes, I would ask everybody to read them, especially with the level, because at one point we find ourselves saying, hey, you know, there's a note of three teachers saying the students should be going to a lower level, but they never informed. The support staff or head of quality and by then. They, you know, they can't do anything anymore. Meaning they can't. You can't tell a client or student. Hey. 12 months ago you should have gone down, so if anybody anybody detects that the student should be. Lower the level. Not only write it there, but inform the head of quality as well. Because I've I've found myself there when I get up at this. No, it's gonna make the problem longer. So sometimes I see. Oh, I remember 1 case Gerwin Mark Vaning said this. Sorry, not you guys. Sorry. Sorry not you guys. It could not have been you guys, but the note was there. But the team wasn't informed. So I think that's important that we have to inform the team.



Gergo: 22:45

Yeah, and yes. How do you do that, Georgina? So what you mentioned?


Georgina Malagarriga: 22:45

With levels.


Gergo: 22:51

Where do you? Where should they? Where should teachers write to?


Georgina Malagarriga: 22:51

Well. Well, direct this is when you have a trial class. It's the same idea when you have a first trial class of students. I just talked to Zendesk, and I say, "Hey, Zendesk, I just did this class and it was great or it was not great or the zoom was struggling." The same as with the levels. I just finished this class. So the Zendesk always, they're there to support.


Gergo: 23:20

Assistant button.


Georgina Malagarriga: 23:22

Yes. Sorry. Chat assistant. Yeah, the green one. The green button.


Gergo: 23:23

Assistance. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Or yeah, the green button. That's where you can. That's where you can report all these things.


Georgina Malagarriga: 23:28

By the way, the most important button, the screen, the most important button, like the red button. We should put a red button. We should put it red now. Any problem, red button, just don't stand there.


Gergo: 23:42

It is dangerous. I think the red button, it's good, it's good that it's green, it solves the problems. It does not end them abruptly, right? Yeah. OK, good, good, thanks, Georgina. Thanks, Josie. And then. If there are any questions from the new teachers, Rob, Catherine. Alistair maybe. Do you have any problems you faced this week in your classes? If not. OK, Camilla. Camilla, what about you? How about your classes? How? How? How have you been doing? I don't know if you can come to the microphone or if you can hear us. No. Maybe later, OK. Now.





Camila Pico: 24:41

Oh, hi. Sorry, sorry. I was struggling to turn on my microphone. Can you repeat the question, please?


Gergo: 24:47

Yeah. So have you faced any issues while teaching this week?


Camila Pico: 24:56

Not really. I mean, there's a different kind of students, right? There are students that really engage with the class, and it's super easy and it's lovely to talk to them. And there's other students that I have to put more effort to catch their attention. So it's just learn to manage different kind of students. But besides that, I think that it's going like alright. At the beginning, I was struggling a bit with the pace of the class because 30 minutes is like really fast. Especially, we have three students. It's like extremely fast. But now I like it. I think that it's amazing because it's really active for me as a teacher and for the students. So no one gets bored and everyone, it's always paying attention to the class. Yeah, that's it.






Gergo: 25:39

Yeah, and thanks, Camilla. And you will notice that actually our students expect the classes to be high paced because they are they know that we have this 30 minute system. OK. Good. So for today, we have three questions. To talk about or elaborate on and. Yeah. The first one like we are focusing on our content plus material activities in other words, so. Why do we have our own activities? Who can answer this question? Who would like to answer this question or who has ideas about why do we do our own activities? Why do we put so much effort? Into having our own material, why don't we simply download things from the Internet? We are working online anyway, right? So we could just copy paste things from the Internet, put them together, and then work with those. But we choose not to do that. Why do? Zoe, go ahead, please.


Zoe Furniss: 27:01

So people are paying a lot to have a tailor-made course and authenticity often instills trust as well. So there's an element of trust with the company that it's actually driven and focused for them.


Gergo: 27:19

Very, very important, right? It's good marketing. Actually, that's what we have our own material. OK. Catherine, please.


Katherine Elkington: 27:30

I think it's also focused practice for the students. Like if you say it's a 30 minute system, so the pacing, so it would be focused practice at a rate. And also, I think making your own materials means that you can actually link things together better and make sure that you're getting your student level, your activities are accurate for the student level.


Gergo: 28:00

OK. Yeah. Also the. It's easier to work with your own material. Basically, yeah. OK, alright. Also, also very important now. What does our material represent? Yeah. Imagine. Imagine that you are. You are a, you're a designer. And you can choose. You can choose between using your own pictures, your own photographs, or you can use to work with photos from Pixabay, 3 pig, whatnot. What's the difference? Between using pictures taken from the net or between using pictures that you shot yourself. What do your pictures represent? Besides being your own pictures, besides not having to pay for them and not having to to mention them or comment them, yes please. The microphone is muted, yes.


Jas Anand: 29:28

Whoopsie, you're being a regional and you're being yourself and nobody can copy you. Well, they can, but they're original and your own activities and your ideas. And that's again making oxeniy different to copy and paste.


Gergo: 29:46

We are getting there. We are getting there. We are getting there. OK, OK. Are we teaching the same way as other schools which you have taught with or worked for in the past? People here I think many of you were many of us worked for other platforms or for other language academies. Do we follow the same teaching style method approach as others? For example, for new teachers like Catherine or Rob or even Zoe, do you find how we teach different compared to what you did or how you did things before?


Katherine Elkington: 30:35

I found that when I looked at the materials and I asked Georgina about it because there were a lot of activities and then it was taking in select one. She explained that I'd taken select what I need to teach that kind of made it a bit easier. But I think the pacing is very rapid because and then you've got the also the wrap up at the end of each lesson. Those questions that need to be asked. So I think that's going to I think that's quite different. Because normally you have a wrap up at the end of the lesson, not at the end of each section, in my experience.


Gergo: 31:11

Uh, huh. Uh. Huh. OK, I have to. I have to say, Catherine, that this is something which is a little bit up to the teacher because also sometimes in the middle of the class you will not break the flow of the class by asking the wrap up questions. What you need to make sure is that at the end of the class or before finishing the class, there should be a wrap up about all the material. But yes, that's so different approach. The assessment. Yeah. OK. OK. Thank you, rob.


Rob Brugman: 31:41



Rob Brugman: 31:41

It's very oral, a lot of the other platforms are a lot more visual and reading, whereas this is it's forcing a person to speak, so that's that's that's different for me and yeah.


Gergo: 31:49

Yeah. Very important difference. Yeah, yeah. Oral based teaching focused on speaking and listening. Yeah, super, super, very good, Zoe.


Zoe Furniss: 32:01

I didn't endorse that and agree it's more oral focused. It's encouraging them to speak. I mean, I've always been platforms I've worked for. Reading was a no no. Always because it was a waste of time and it was also a waste. Just because somebody can read it doesn't mean they understand what it says, but also it focuses on particular things. It pinpoints what actual difficulties may physically has when learning a language. So it's not generic, it's actually. It's tailored to pick out like the fuzz or the pronunciation of a shun, and how actually, how people learn a language. So it's more the material dictates that what people actually have difficulty with and not just talkie, talkie, talkie, small talk again, as you've said, starting with your closed questions that relate to auxiliary verbs, say for instance because that's now I didn't know that before, but that's obviously what Spanish people find most difficult things like answering an answer. So it's swaying them in the right direction of what they need to know and leaving what they don't.


Gergo: 33:11

Yeah, yeah.


Zoe Furniss: 33:12

That's my underst.


Gergo: 33:14

That's a very, very I I think I I haven't seen Jonathan smiling, but I think he was very happy for what you have just said because this is this is something very fundamental for oximity that we focus on the things but they don't know. And that's what we work with. That's why 30 minutes classes are enough with oximity because because we can do this by the help of the teachers and the algorithm. Right, Jonathan, please.


Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez: 33:41

Yeah, as you said, I was actually smiling, I really like listening to all of you guys saying what we are doing. There's probably things missing, like why we do this. Actually, I don't wanna ruin your flow, Gergo. So I can just, let you go for it. And then and then I can add like these two. "Why" things that for me are very important to understand. why we do this.



Gergo: Go for now. I think because no one else raised a hand. So please go ahead.


Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez: Alright. OK, so the main reasons we are creating our own activities, for me are two. We started this by saying we have to reduce the amount of work that teachers do, right? We saw that a lot of teachers were using other people's material or books and stuff, but still they would go and start adapting it for their needs. And that represented so much effort. Then we gathered with some teachers and said, “why don't we kind of structure this?” you could all do one activity and share it with the others, right? So we will reduce the amount of work that you have to go into. That was the first thing that we put on the table. We started to work with some teachers and that's how, by doing this Friday Talks, we kind of structured what do you see today. Now it's very easy to go and prepare something that other people will be able to use. So the first reason was to reduce the amount of work that your guys were doing. And the second thing that we realised was that, if we want to teach the best way, we have to learn from other people. An activity that we create and share, it's nothing but the experience of other teachers. We can learn from other teachers, right? If you only do this once doesn't make any sense. But if you start doing it every single week, what you realise is that, you guys are learning from other people. So, when you create an activity, you start from the standard or the basis of other people. That way, what we are creating all together is amazing. That's magic actually. And then, all the things that you have said now, the way we do things, it's because people were creating and sharing these activities the way they would do it, and teachers using them would love that. And that is why we have all started to create activities using the good things we have learnt from previous activities. So when we go to oral focus, or when we go to not using filling the gaps, or we're doing all these things that we can say today that we do, it's because we share and we create our own material, These are for me, the main reasons we create activities ourselves. Thank you Gergo.


Gergo: No, thank you. Thank you, Jonathan, because this is this is really fundamental to what we are, what we are trying to put together here, right that to answer this question. So sharing experiences, sharing, sharing the knowledge, and then and then and then by sharing these expertise, we, we we constantly improve the way how we teach. What we do now is very, very different. Well, not. Yeah, but it's it's quite different compared to what it was five or six years ago. Of course. It's of course it. It's can be related with. And me and then going online, but also also we learn so much from each other during these years. And then we just we just we have the opportunity to constantly improve our our teaching style, our approach, what we do in classes, how we do the classes, how we build the material. But we we we don't have a a kind of rigid. Structure of textbook right that we need to print every year again and again and again we just go click, click, click. You do the complementary works. And there you go. The whole thing is changed. So yeah, these are this is this is basically. Why we create our activities are ourselves. OK. And is there anything else who anyone would like to share something about why or what in your opinion, why do we create the activities ourselves? No. OK, very good now. What do we put in these activities? That's the next question. Next question. So we have the why let's let's let's let's focus on the what. Right. What do we put in in in these activities? Pictures, texts. And then we then we send it to corrections, right. But. Besides that. For the perhaps for the new teachers especially. You must have noticed that we have these three different colours, 3 different dots, right? Yellow. Red and green, which are the three different main types of activities. I think structure activities, I mean like the name structure it's it's pretty straightforward, right? It's it's, it's grammar and syntax and everything. Everything included in this. I I don't think we are going to talk about how we do them, but but. For a moment, I would like to go to. Look at the yellow dots or the yellow circle, the topic activities. We did. We did speak about this a couple of weeks ago, but Rob, Catherine and and Alistair, for example, they weren't here. So Alistair, if you could, I I think you you've had already a few classes so. What do you think? Why do we have the topic activities? What's the purpose of these activities? What do we do with them? Alister, can you hear us? No worries. Camila, what do you think? Why do we have topic activities? Why? Why isn't structure and vocabulary enough? Why? Why are they? Why are they different? Perhaps you also noticed the difference in the in the build of these activities. OK. No, Rob, if I may ask you.


Rob Brugman: Yeah. So I think it's kind of to to encourage a bit of free talk and to get the students confidence up. Because it's a case of them communicating to you and you understanding what they're saying, they might not get the grammar right or the pronunciation, but they're just building confidence. That's for me. That's what it is.


Gergo: It very important part, very important part. Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. Georgina, you were you you. You were first.


Georgina Malagarriga: Yeah. Well, just to say it's it's very magical, just the the way this way of teaching. And I'm happy because despite doing it for three years and seven months, my LinkedIn says so things are still changing. And as you can see, I'm hyper happy. And I remember with Maricarmen when we started doing this new way of welcoming people over. And I said to her Maricarmen, I can do three activities always in every single class. So there was something that like trying to help people do that. It helped me do that as well and trying to show people how to make the best of those 30 minutes help me. And regarding what you're saying now, when I notice it with chat box, when I do topic activities, how what happens in the chat box, how does the assessment happen there or how does the correction happen there and? They're definitely for fluency and accuracy because they just start talking whichever way they want, but the type of Corrections there. Have much more to do with. Making correct structures or improving the structures, maybe they say something that is commutative and could be correct, but it could be better. So that's what's happening to


 me there now. And when I do my gel appraisal, you know, vocabulary and even structure or like beep beep, beep, beep very technical things. But there's I have a part called Corrections and I write what they say and I write what they should say. And that's happening to me there right now and I don't know, get off if that's what should be happening in terms of the teaching, but it's what I'm what's happening to me now and it's so there's a big smile on my face because I it keeps evolving. You you keep teaching differently or. Yeah, that's my my experience this past what, 4-4 weeks? 5 weeks? I don't know.


Gergo: Why shouldn't it happen? Why should intercept in Georgina? I mean like oh but.


Georgina Malagarriga: Well, because it's what we well, I know that it's inevitable to compare it. You started saying, OK, how is this different from traditional academic English? And that's like actually how can I compare that to. Yeah academic case as being a doctor. Sorry. well-being a doctor or a types of doctor like, OK what's wrong? That's the medicine. Ciao. What's wrong? There's a medicine. Ciao. But here. Baby, there's a much more listening, of course, if they speak, we listen right and it's organic and it's organic for the teachers as well. Right. Like we know there's some rules, but maybe that's not the moment to talk about those rules because but are those or that guidance or going down that path because what they're producing is maybe not exactly that. So you're giving them what they need in the path that they are exploring in terms of language or you know when they start talking about topics, maybe they a conditional a conditional. Structure is not well said, but then a model is now well said, but then the actual, the end and final. I mean, I don't know how the the end and final is something they always confuse, so it's instead of like working from what a book says. It's working with what they produce. This is something actually when I was teaching. I actually tried to use anything that happened in the classroom. Even if they were making jokes, I would try to use that to to as an examples of what they had to learn. Whatever it was right. But I think that this is both experience based and and and overly communication based both for them and for us as well. And this is a beauty and the fact of maybe not, I mean I do things a certain way, yeah, but then certainly surprised 'cause you try something different. I don't know this is, but this has been happening to me for the five past four weeks. I don't if it makes sense or not, but it's a constant learning for us as well. And I noticed that like, oh, how can when I talk about structural vocabulary, it says, oh, why are corrections like that and you know why? What is happening in topic activities that's not happening or shouldn't happen. Right. I was out to. I was out to about to try to get well. If it's pronunciation, but they got the wrong wrong. Should I correct that? You know, I'm very, very, very picky, but yeah. It's it's. It's just, I don't. You're constantly exploring.


Gergo: Didn. Yeah, and and for and for this, you don't really have fast rules like each and every class is different. Each and every student is different each and every moment is different, like when to, when, when, when to say, when to say that OK. He made the mistake in a role for the fourth time in this class. Now it's time to actually remind the student that yo, this is not this is not the way we say it or but. But I think I think the moral of the story, what you have just said is actually really good because you are pushing the boundaries and this is this is something what we have the opportunity to do here at toxinity, right. So we can explore new things, we can put them in practise. They do not work. We share that knowledge with the others that OK, we didn't work out for me. Maybe you try it as well and then we discard it or then we implement it or adjust it. But we have this opportunity here, right? It's just we have a kind of. Like a basic a basic approach or or scaffolding right that what was mentioned today like it's basically it's it's based on speaking and listening more than reading and writing which I think is is kind of obvious especially given the given the the virtual environment in the 30 minutes of classes, right. So we we cannot go. Read lengthy texts in in 30 minutes classes. Catherine, you're raising your hand for so long and you must be tired already. So please come. Go ahead.


Katherine Elkington: Not but actually, because basically what Georgina said is what I would also have said that the structure and and and organic learning. So it's kind of changing and evolving, but having your your activities structured like that actually builds a lot of coherence into the lesson. So it gives and and it gives the teacher the structure which is like actually going to help the student to learn better and especially with the enormously quick pacing. You've got. Something like that that you can follow and also I think the the traffic light system is a good idea because then all the teachers have gone exactly the same structure and pattern. And so if you're teaching like it seems to be teaching, I'm new to the system, obviously. But if Georgina's teaching like that and Josie's teaching like that and Rob's teaching like that and you're all teaching then within Ox Oximity, you've got a structured teaching methodology in my opinion.


Gergo: That when I when I say approach that's what I mean by the methodology, the the fundamental philosophy behind. Behind the the the teaching or what? How we look at teaching. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jonathan. Jonathan. Jonathan. Yeah.


Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez:  Let me share something after I explained the why's and how we started back then. So these two reasons: Firstly, to reduce the amount of work that teachers would have and secondly, to share experiences to learn and evolve as a system. Now, we have ended up having this vocabulary structure and topic based system. These three buttons that you have on the teaching app to structure the whole class, took us one year to stablish and implement it . So just to bear in mind, it was not a process from one week to another, or something done in one meeting. We started working with teachers, like you guys, they shared their activities. And one day after a year, Radmila came to me and said, I got it! She like three piles of paper. Because back then we were using Word documents that we printed out. That's how she realised that you guys were doing without knowing at that time, what today we organize in Vocabublary, Structures and Topics activities. It took us 1 year to realise that the language could be structure and taught within this three areas. And we came to this conclusion, actually because of you. This is what we called back then The Triangular Projection Model under the Oxbrdige English Teaching System, that we use today in the Oxinity community. And so now, hopefully, it all makes sense.


Gergo: 50:50. Projection. That's a nice to know a little bit about the history and where things where things come from, right, and how did we arrive. We better have said, how are we constantly arriving where we are at the moment because it's a constant evolution as well, right, from day-to-day and week to week. And, yes, if you think about these topics, you know everything is there, pronunciation you can work on. You can work on everything, but more importantly, the students are using different contexts to use to use the. Used the structures and the vocabulary. What you practised with? I don't know if any or I know that some teachers do the topics at the very beginning of the class. I myself, for example, I try to do it middle or the last parts because I had to say. I'd like the students use the structures and vocabulary learned before when we are using the topic activity because the because these activities really give them the opportunity to express their feelings, opinions, arguments. Likes and dislikes about many things, right? And this is why I myself to attend to tend to use the topic activities at the end, at the end of the class. You know, of course, it really depends on who are the students when are when in the morning at 8:00 o'clock. It's very hard to start with the structure exercise, right. It's not the best choice again depends on the students because some students are ready to go like this. And then we can just work with them. Catherine.


Katherine Elkington: Yeah. My question is on that. So we don't need to start with the yellow. We can actually start with the structure with the. So. So because I did the Easter egg thing, but the punctuation activity was different. So I could actually start with the punctuation activity and then go to the, oh, OK, I didn't realize. I thought I had to go step by step, but I could go step by step, but in a different order.


Gergo: Is as you wish. Depending on the students depend, sometimes it will even just your moment, sometimes it might even happen that you start with the structure exercise and then you see that OK the students or the students are struggling. You change, you go to something else and then when you see that, oh OK, they really they picked up, they picked the pace up. Let's go back and let's try it again and if not then you discard it again. This is a very important thing to remember with our system is that.


Katherine Elkington: Depending on the lesson. OK. Uh huh.


Gergo: That. The activities, the four activities are not there to be covered, all of them. The four attachments within an activity are not compulsory to be used. It's the teacher's choice. At any given moment, how much, how much the students need from that activity, from that attachment, right, sometimes you will. Sometimes you will see after. To doing the second attachment of a vocabulary activity that oh, these students know everything. I mean, it's too easy for them. It put it aside and go for some, go for something else. So this is your choice. The only thing that is important is that if you didn't cover the activity, all the attachments or the entire activity because they couldn't red face. If you cover the entire activity but at the end they still struggle red face. If they start the activity and from the very beginning they are confident with using the content green face and then often times you won't even need to cover the entire activity because then. Then this is also very important and we mentioned in the beginning of the of the talk that we focus we with our system we focus on the on the. Arts of the language, which they don't know. Repetition is a super good thing. Yeah, of course it will. It will help you become better. But you can do it alone. And it sounds strange, right? Because in fact, in a way we have our own businesses. So of course we want to earn more money and we still say that don't pay me for practising, for repeating something. I mean, like you, if you want, you can but. I mean this is and this is this is. If you really think of it, this is a very, very it's. It's a really good promotion, right? I don't take money from you for something that you can do alone. Pay me for what you can't do alone and this. This is how we accelerate the. This is why we. Advertise. Promote ourselves that we accelerate your learning. You are learning anyway. If you are busy with the language you are learning anyway everyday with, with, with Netflix, with with BBC Radio, with reading the news with. Even just, you know, like using applications, if you turn it to, if you use the English version then you are already learning everyday. We can help you with filling in the gaps by not using filling in the gaps in areas. But sometimes we do. Josie, please. And then Georgina.


Josie Salmon: Yeah, yeah. With the repetition, it is important, I think, though for them to repeat the things they don't know until they get it. But just to not repeat the things that they already know. So that's what we're trying to do out with the structure. I just want to say a bit about the order of the activities, because this is something I thought about a lot from my beginning here and generally. I always thought topic was good to do at the beginning because it's a lot of sentence building expression that's quite tiring and I like to think about how tired the student's going to be, so I usually pronunciation pronunciation at the end because that's quite a nice, easy thing, and they're usually exhausted by them. But I realised after a bit of time that actually that actually with lower levels they really need the structure. And that can be really challenging for them, maybe even more so than like the topic. So actually I've been moving the structure. So for me it also depends on the level where I'm placing, but for me, I think structure and topic beginning one or the other definitely seems to fit best with their energy levels. And I like that. Go go the idea of structure then being used in the topic. I think that's really efficient. And just one other point as well, I saw someone. Really. Experienced teacher not in the Oxenity community, but somewhere else. Posted a poll and it was something about a quote where they'd said that 99% of material should be based on interest and 1% on method. And I was like, that's wild like but I think when I started teaching I probably would have thought the same. But after like seeing oxen it is structure and method and realising how important the method is to creating that interest. And that's what I love about what we do here. Like this fast-paced covering, a lot of stuff and the repetition, which means that the classes are really engaging and really interesting. Yeah, it's sort of. It showed me like how interlinked these two things really are. Like the interest really comes from the method. So yeah, the method is definitely really important.


Gergo: Yeah, super nice. Thanks very


 much Josie, for this. Georgina, please. You also raise your hand.


Georgina Malagarriga: Hmm. But I also start with structural vocabulary and I finish with topic. Although it's not the first time that a teacher says they do it other way around, which I would be very curious about the fact it has, but I'm going to repeat a famous Josie phrase from her Hall of Fame of famous phrases that I loved. And she said, maybe you don't remember, but a year ago or so and she said, oh, this is like students outside of the class, they learn. And inside the class they test if they have learned. And I tend to say that to elites many times 'cause it's about exposure. And of course, they're gonna be exposed to English 1000 hours more than in the class. And I thought that was a very, very nice way of understanding how it has to be done like this, or it should be done like this. So thank you, Jodie, for that phrase.


Gergo: And thanks Georgina for sharing this with with the product community because it's. It's it's the same for reason for which the topic is at the end. To test what you what you what you learned, what test, what you practise. Do you really know it? Do you know when to use it? Do you know how to use it? Yeah. Yeah. OK. Before, before I forget and we are, we are. We are closing up to the end. Jonathan, go ahead then please.


Jonatan Buxeda i Núñez: Very shortly, yesterday I was talking with an American guy and he was trying to speak Spanish, right? So he's been trying for a long time and he was putting a lot of effort into it. Actually, we were playing tennis and we started to talk and then he said, what do you do? And then I said, well, we have this platform and we teach languages. Then, he was kind of, I need to learn Spanish. He explained me what he was doing and I said: OK, realise that you already have the ability, but maybe you're using it wrong. I know this because you learned your language, and the way you learned it was not going through grammar and reading a lot. Then, what I suggested was to stop reading, stop studying. Otherwise it's gonna be impossible for you to learn. Go back when you learned your own language, it was your parents trying to teach you some vocabulary, and pronunciation was so important for it. They were not writing down the words for you. They were only pronouncing those vocabulary for you, they were speaking all the time. So you were mostly listening. So that's what you have to do. You need to learn a language by listening first. Once you listening for a while, you will realise that you know some words. You can pick up some words randomly, and because you'll need them to express some needs such as you are hungry, or that you need water, or whatever, those words will come to you so you can use them so people will understand. The structure, the grammar, comes magically, after listening a lot. You start to put in order all the vocabulary that you know. So, going back to the system that we use, think about vocabulary as the building blocks that you need. Then you need to structure them in a certain order. For that you need to listen a lot. And then, topics, are for when you need to say something. When you want to say something. And as Josie was saying, probably with low levels, you have to focus a lot on vocabulary and structure. We came up with the solution of putting all together in low level activities, using cognates for people to start building right. While when you're in a P5, high level, then you want to say things right, that's when they push you to go to the topics. But never forget that vocabulary and structures are always there and students need to improved many times. There's going to be more topic activities, probably at the end, on high levels than vocabulary and structures activities, but they are still very necessary. Please, always think about how you learnt your language and this is what you need your students to do. Realise that, if you have a student that says no, I learn by reading, you need to make them understand that that's not what they did when you were young, and that's probably what you don't need now to learn a language, otherwise It will take you forever. Learning languages is so easy if you forget about reading and you start listening, OK. Thank you.


Gergo: Thanks, Jonathan. Unfortunate that it's 12:00 o'clock because I have a lot of things to say about which person I should just said. Georgina, please, you want to say something as well.


Georgina Malagarriga: And this is what like what? The two, what Jonathan was saying and thinking about that. You're like, how is it possible that the language that you've mastered the most, you have no doubt about is actually the one that won? You don't even remember how we learned. And you probably don't even know the structures that are behind. So that's what related to what Jonathan was saying and yes. Sorry, good. Well, yes, we can learn the language if it's the word. First one, I think we all as armita used to say, we have all learned a language once in our life.

And I just think of that way of thinking. You don't need to know what's behind it to speak it. And the proof is that I speak Spanish and Catalan perfectly. Well, I do remember the rules because I'm kind of a nerd, but many people don't. It's not necessary.

Just listen and speak.


Gergo: I don't. I don't. I don't. I don't know because you. Because you grew up learning those rules and that's why you can you, you have the command of language the way you have.


Georgina Malagarriga: He did not learn the rules. You did not learn the you learn something different, but not the rules you learned. You learned the it's a way long debate. No. But you learn the usage, not the rules.


Gergo: Oh, yeah, OK, OK. All right. It's. Yeah. Long debate lesson. Less not. Let's not. Let's not go there. This one, two, 2 + 2 + 12.


Georgina Malagarriga: Not for today.


Josie Salmon: Just say I have to interject, though we did have some rules. We do have some rules. We have Magic Key for English for the the silent ear, everything. So there are some rules that you learn, but I think they're taught differently. So maybe that's something interesting to think about.


Georgina Malagarriga: Phone number 3 go in.


Gergo: Yeah, it's look, it's it's the this is this like natural learning approach. I I agree with that. But there are there are certain details to it like for example what what is your aim with the language you want to you want to be able to go to the supermarket and buy milk and and and order a beer or you actually want to have a meaningful conversation on a on a higher level with someone because if you want to reach that level well then maybe some additional help with this with with, with grammatical structures and other things.

Might be needed, but this is a long debate and perhaps it's a good one for next week to start with, because this is really important and even more so because we come from so many walks of life and so many parts of the planet. So this is really something what we could actually actually talk talk about in in detail right to many, many modern tongues here and so on and so on. So.

This is a good thing to do. So what I wanted to say is that I'm sorry we have another news. New teacher here, Tara, which I actually mistaken. I didn't. Didn't. Didn't realise. So Tara, welcome to Oxinity. And next Friday, we are going to give you the chance as well to make a short introduction.

You're at the you. All you can come to the microphone. Super good. Good afternoon. Now already.


Tara Monzavi: Hello. Nice to meet you all. Thank you. Sure, next week I will participate in this taking.


Gergo: What?

What do you think after having listened to to us chit chatting for an hour? What do you think of these people on the screen?


Tara Monzavi: Actually I understood new things about arxenity and I had just once experiencing impeaching in organic tea and I'm trying to learn something new from teachers.


Gergo: OK, well, good luck with that. Welcome to accent, Tara. And then next week, we are going to give you some more space to to talk, OK. And as a last thing, I perhaps you remember using your picture or using the picture of others. If you're a designer, what's the what was? What did I want to say with all this thing and our activities and not using the other stuff? What do your pictures represent compared to others, Georgina.


Tara Monzavi: Thank you. Thank you so much.


Georgina Malagarriga: In a nutshell, I will try. OK my thought was saying how much time will I spend looking for the photo that expresses exactly what I want. But how much time can I spend creating a photo that does exactly what I want?


Gergo: Sometimes longer. Actually. If you want to make your own picture, and if you're a perfectionist taking that one shot, it might take you weeks.

Did you know you're frozen?

Well, that's a freaky picture, actually. What the what?


Josie Salmon: That's an excellent freeze. I'm impressed.


Gergo: The oh, dear, Oh dear. That's that's a that's a heavy one. That's a really, really, really heavy one. But we're recording it. So she she she's going to be able to reflect on that but but.


Josie Salmon: I've screenshotted it, it's fine, don't worry, it's just love that.


Gergo: Yeah. Thanks. But. But so the, so The thing is your own picture is your own perspective and by creating our material, we are representing the methodology. We are showing the perspective straight. This is how we look at it. This is how we present it. This is how we use it. It's all us and this is when you use your own picture, the same thing happens because you you took the shot and you took the shot from an angle with a with a view with A and so on and so on.

So that's why it's authenticity in the end, what Zoe and others mentioned as well. But it's a little more than just authenticity. It's really how what we put in these materials and how we build them. It's it all the philosophy and everything what we stand up for and what we think about teaching is there in those four attachments should be there in those four attachments, each of them.

Nice one. Really, really, really good talk, everyone. Thanks for being here. Thanks for everyone commenting, listening and and we continue next week and and everyone enjoy your weekends. OK good rest.

Thank you. Bye, everybody.


Zoe Furniss: Thank you.


Rob Brugman: Hey jajo.


Tara Monzavi: Thank you. Goodbye.


Georgina Malagarriga: Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye bye.


Josie Salmon: Bye. Have a good weekend.


Tomás García Alonso: Have a nice weekend.

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Ejercicios y explicación fácil ▷Hispaania keele kursused e-õppes ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en CIUDAD REAL | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en CIUDAD REAL ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en TOLEDO | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en TOLEDO 10 Language Learning Tips! ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en CUENCA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en CUENCA Football Vocabulary - Helping You Understand The Vocabulary Used To Talk About Britain's Favorite Sport Quick Guide For Learning The Modal Verbs: Can and Could! The Crown Vs Peaky Blinders Two Shows To Aid You In Learning British English ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en GUADALAJARA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en GUADALAJARA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en GETAFE| Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en GETAFE ¿Cómo hacer que tu hijo/a saque buenas notas en el colegio? Dale lo que necesita para ser autosuficiente. Comprensión y razonamiento lógico-matemático en inglés. Vocabulary To Help You Talk About Your Home And The Rooms Inside LAS MEJORES ACADEMIAS DE INGLÉS EN ALHAURIN EL GRANDE ¿Por qué necesitamos saber los números en inglés? ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en LEGANÉS| Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en LEGANÉS Understand and use English Articles Easily: Indefinite ▷ Best Spanish academies in Fuengirola and Mijas. Top 5 excellent language schools to learn Spanish Las 9 mejores canciones en inglés dedicadas a las madres ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en TRES CANTOS | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en TRES CANTOS Los conectores concesivos en inglés - Parte 1 ➔ Troba la millor acadèmia d'anglès a Girona ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en POZUELO DE ALARCÓN | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en POZUELO DE ALARCÓN An Educational System Of A+ Students Los Pronombres objeto en inglés ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en MÓSTOLES | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en MÓSTOLES 5 Divertidos consejos para aprender inglés en casa ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en TARRAGONA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en TARRAGONA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en GIRONA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en GIRONA ▷ Las mejores academias de inglés en FUENGIROLA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en TERRASSA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en TERRASSA How Can An English Teacher Have The Business Of A Language School? ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en SABADELL | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en SABADELL ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en BADALONA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en BADALONA ¿Para qué quiero aprender inglés? A Growth Model That Any English Teacher Would Love To Have ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en A CORUÑA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en A CORUÑA ➔ Troba la millor acadèmia d'anglès a Barcelona Inglés divertido en Pascua para niños. ¡Feliz Semana Santa a todos! Aprender nuevos Idiomas puede ser divertido para todos! ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en GRANADA | Descubre la mejor escuela en GRANADA El Inglés y el Español son similares en muchos aspectos! 5 Effective And Easy Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills in Spanish Los números del 1 al 100 en Inglés ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en CÓRDOBA | Descubre la mejor escuela en CÓRDOBA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en MURCIA | Descubre la mejor escuela en MURCIA ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en VALLADOLID | Descubre la mejor escuela en VALLADOLID 5 Frases en inglés para usar durante la Primavera 5 Frases en inglés para usar cuando estás de viaje Los pronombres en inglés. La manera más fácil y sencilla de aprenderlos. Practising verb tenses made easy - Part One ✔ 5 last secrets to learn languages faster and better ✔ 5 últimos secretos para aprender inglés rápido ✔ 4 more secrets to learn languages faster and better ✔ 4 secretos más para aprender inglés rápido ✔ 4 Secrets To Learn Languages Faster And Better ✔ 4 secretos para aprender inglés rápido How To Write Blogs That No One Would Resist Reading Cómo acordarte muy rápido de las preposiciones de lugar en inglés 5 frases en inglés para sonar como un nativo Acelera su inglés al mejor precio ☘️ Saint Patrick: Viaje alucinante a la Isla Esmeralda Collocations y Phrasal Verbs ¿Cuál es la diferencia? ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en SALAMANCA | Descubre la mejor escuela en SALAMANCA Mejores academias de inglés en PALMA DE MALLORCA | Descubre la mejor escuela en PALMA DE MALLORCA ★ GRAMMAR TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS | SINCE, FOR, DURING, FROM ❉ Aprender el primer condicional en inglés. Ejercicios y explicación fácil ✅ENGLISH TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS - IDIOM OF THE WEEK | FIT AS A FIDDLE VOCABULARY TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS | DICHOS POPULARES ➳◎ TIPS DE VOCABULARIO EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES | DO vs MAKE ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en BENIDORM | Descubre la mejor escuela en BENIDORM ♠ TIPS DE PRONUNCIACIÓN EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES | SILENT LETTERS ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en SEVILLA | Descubre la mejor escuela de inglés en SEVILLA ♠ VOCABULARIO EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES | PHRASAL VERBS ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en VIGO | Descubre la mejor escuela en VIGO ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en Málaga How To Use The Oxinity Model With In Person In Public Places Lista de verbos irregulares: TO BE Lista de verbos irregulares: TO HAVE REFRANES - VOCABULARIO EN ESPAÑOL -TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS IDIOM OF THE WEEK -ENGLISH TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS San Valentín: cómo se cocina el amor en Oxinity DICHOS POPULARES PARA ESTUDIANTES DE ESPAÑOL -TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS PHRASAL VERBS -ENGLISH TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS VOCABULARY TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS ▷ Mejores academias de inglés en ZARAGOZA ENGLISH VOCABULARY TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS - DO vs MAKE - ERRORES A EVITAR How to answer Quick Questions PRONUNCIATION TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS The Magic Of Remarketing For English Teachers REFRANES - VOCABULARIO EN ESPAÑOL -TIPS FOR SPANISH LEARNERS IDIOM OF THE WEEK -ENGLISH TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS DICHOS POPULARES PARA ESTUDIANTES DE ESPAÑOL PHRASAL VERBS FOR TRAVELLING -ENGLISH TIPS FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS ❉ Aprender el condicional 0 con ejercicios y explicación - inglés fácil VOCABULARIO PARA ESTUDIANTES DE ESPAÑOL - CONFUSING VERBS TIPS DE VOCABULARIO EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES- PREPOSICIONES -ERRORES A EVITAR ▷ Las 5 mejores academias de inglés en GIJÓN | Descubre la mejor escuela en GIJÓN PRONUNCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA PARA HABLANTES DE OTRAS LENGUAS -SPANISH TIPS-ERRORES A EVITAR Lista de los 50 verbos regulares en inglés más comunes PRONUNCIACIÓN EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES - VERBOS REGULARES-ERRORES A EVITAR Propofol, the cat Can Freelance Teachers Stay In Business In A Competitive Market And Low Prices? ENGLISH RIDDLES - TIPS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES ▷ Las mejores academias de inglés en MADRID | Descubre las mejores escuelas de inglés en MADRID ADIVINANZAS PARA ESTUDIANTES DE ESPAÑOL ▷ Las mejores academias de inglés en VALENCIA | Descubre la mejor escuela en VALENCIA False friends New Year Goals: Learning a language with the wonder of film! DICHOS POPULARES PARA ESTUDIANTES DE ESPAÑOL PHRASAL VERBS PARA HISPANOHABLATES -ENGLISH TIPS X-Mas Practice! Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés: TO GET While Improving Your English Reading Skills, Improve Your Life! [+Recommended Reading List] Innovación tecnológica en educación: ¿Para qué (no) sirve la tecnología? ▷ Las mejores academias de inglés en LEÓN | Descubre la mejor escuela en LEÓN TIPS DE VOCABULARIO PARA APRENDER ESPAÑOL TIPS DE VOVABULARIO EN INGLÉS PARA HISPANOHABLANTES Qué NO hemos aprendido de la pandemia del Covid-19 en educación TIPS DE PRONUNCIACIÓN PARA HISPANOHABLANTES -ERRORES A EVITAR Sistemas de enseñanza colaborativos para profesores. La alternativa a la soledad de un sistema obsoleto. El presente simple en inglés (A1). Aprender inglés rápido y fácilmente: el único truco que necesitas Aprender inglés con música Parte 1 Niños El negocio de la enseñanza del inglés y su impacto en profesores y alumnos Business English: Qué tienes que saber sobre el inglés de los negocios Practise Your English with a Beautiful Song The best TEFL job Cómo transmitir experiencia en educación y hacer evolucionar un sistema Can dogs learn multiple languages too? Don't forget to write! ¿Por qué en Oxinity somos mejores y peores que Duolingo? Language learning and our brain. Pronombres Sujeto y Objeto en inglés: WHO or WHOM? Pronombres y adjectivos posesivos en Inglés (A1-A2) Los pronombres relativos en inglés (A1-A2) Guía definitiva de los tiempos verbales en inglés Understanding Student's Cultural Background La estafa detrás de los certificados de idiomas. Tengo un título pero no entiendo una película en versión original. ¿Por qué? Las 5 mejores academias de inglés en Bilbao Conectores en inglés - Los 20 más importantes Clases de inglés para niños y adultos con dislexia Libros recomendados para leer en inglés Mejores profesores de inglés. ¿Cómo saber si realmente se es buen profesor? Las mejores clases de inglés para aprender rápido y fácil el idioma (Funciona) How does learning a foreign language enrich your travel experience ? ❉ Past Simple o pasado simple & ejercicios online (Inglés A1) El abecedario en Inglés (English for kids). Los dias de la semana en Inglés (kids) Las mejores Apps para aprender inglés gratis y pagando en 2021 Cómo se aprende a escribir en inglés Emma Raducanu and the Language of Success What are homonyms and homophones? Are they different? How? Los 5 mejores cursos de inglés para empresas. Cómo elegir un sistema para aprender inglés rápido. Partes del cuerpo en Inglés (kids) ¿Por qué de mayores nos cuesta más aprender inglés? Claves para superar las barreras que nos impiden aprender rápido. Q&A about our roles as parents to optimize our children's L2 language learning process. The origin of idioms in English. Does technology enable me to learn faster? How...? Benefits of Children Learning foreign language at a young age. Prepositions of Time Los exámenes en la escuela y Maquiavelo. ¿El fin justifica los medios? La enseñanza bilingüe en inglés: ¿Fracaso o acierto de los colegios con eseñanza bilingüe? Very Repetitive ( Why should I have a bucket list? Learn English Meaningfully: This Is Water Crosswords to make us smarter! ¿Qué c*ñ* es Oxinity? A misspelt tattoo will make you a 'laughing stock' Connected speech - what is that? APRENDER INGLÉS EN CASA, 4 MANERAS EFECTIVAS Gratitude For Our Another E-Learning Year Practise your reading skills with a short story: Eveline, by James Joyce (Levels B2-C1) Descubre el secreto de los alumnos con mejores resultados académicos. ¡Se preparan en verano! Jugar al fútbol sin balón. Así es como se enseña el inglés en el colegio y en la academia. There's No Need To Cut The Flow Of Learning Anymore Menos inglés, más deporte = ¡mejores resultados! Three Reasons to Learn languages Online with Oxinity ★ Clases online: fracaso digital An Introduction to Colloquialism/Slang Drink water like Ronaldo! Languages in Austro-Hungary: The multi-lingual empire Songwriting: Words then Music or Music then words? What do I write first, song lyrics or the music? Funny sounding phrases Los 5 pasos para que tu hijo hable inglés como un nativo en 3 meses Sun day Yesterday's name Another planetary day Thursday Day three, or four Today was a good day Frequently used Acronyms in the TEFL/TESOL environment Tips on Teaching English to Beginners Moon's day Aprende inglés online... y conviértelo en un hábito. Cursos de Verão - Inglês Learn, and fully understand English adjectives with the Mr. Men Is that a hamster? No, it's a rat! Aprende inglés con 30 minutos al día en 3 meses con profesores especializados Teaching ESL To Students With ADHD The French Connection!! (The influence of the French language on the English language) American English VS British English. The most common spelling differences. ★ Ingles bueno, bonito, barato El secreto del MEJOR curso de inglés intensivo (el que nadie más puede ofrecer) Cómo detener las abusivas prácticas de las plataformas de idiomas que pagan poco a los profesores Learn English with Olivia Rodrigo, the girl that is driving our teenagers crazy? 8 habits for learning a language effectively William Shakespeare: How his vocabulary and idioms can help to improve your English Consejos para escribir mejor en inglés ¿Cómo aprender inglés rápido? Los 3 ciclos de aceleración de 3 meses de 30 minutos al día. El inglés sigue siendo el rey SUCCESS: TALENT, PASSION, OR GRIT Why is it called Whit Monday? IDIOMS - Spanish to English Aprende “Bad” Ingles 5 Things your ESL teacher wishes you knew Idiom: Wolf in Sheep´s Clothing ? Idiom: Butter Someone up ? Practice your reading skills in English with a sci-fi story: Barney (Kids - Levels B1-C1) Playing with Lego can improve your child's English How can playing with LEGO bricks help a company improve its strategic planning, communication, and creative thinking? Vocabulary: What is Flourishing? Are you a Swiftie? Understanding adjectives in English (Part II). Growth Milestones At Oxinity: Be An Expert, Not A Salesperson Vocabulary: What is burnout? Curfew ★ Idiomas online, fórmula efectiva How can 'blue' teach you English. Can you learn grammar from a colour? Understanding the Adjectives in English - Part I (A1-B2) ¡Llega Oxinity Colombia! Nothing Will Stop Me (About the Interrelation Between Motivation and Success) Practise your reading skills in English with a 10-minute short story: The Blue Jar, by Isak Dinesen (Level B1-C1) The philosophy of Bruce Lee: How does being like water make us stronger? Learn English Bruce Lee style! US Dollar Takes a Beating after Unexpected Slowdown in Job Creation How to get English students by sharing Oxinity content. Colourful grammar ❉ Yes, you will survive! Aprende first, second y third conditional con canciones (inglés B1-B2) Imagine you can learn English listening to John Lennon (A1-A2) Lift your mood while practicing English with one of the best ever Disney songs: The Bare Necessities (A1-B1 General English) How do you write? The UNprofitable business of private English lessons ★ Mejores apps para aprender inglés gratis y pagando. 2021. Learn French with Hazra Lo que los maestros de TEFL pueden ofrecer Richard Branson - high School drop out to self-made billionaire says: The 3 skills successful CEOs need are not taught in schools What's your favourite book? ☹ ¿Por qué no aprendo inglés? The Irishman Who Helped Save FC Barcelona 20 Things Spaniards Say Incorrectly in English Tony-Robbins-Teaches-You-How-to-Take-Your-English-from-B2-to-C1 Aprende inglés con Forest Blakk: If you love her. (A1-B1 Inglés general) Write Songs in 4 Steps. English for Song-writers. Basics of Song-writing Understand lyrics of POP songs! Learn English with music: English for B1 and B2 levels Learn English With Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. The Power of EMPATHY (B1 Business English) El engaño de los supuestamente mejores métodos para aprender inglés del mercado Una oportunidad de aprendizaje (B1 Intermediate English). Registering as Autonomo in Spain: A Personal Experience 5 habits that can help improve your English 6 essential tips to learn a foreign language Franquicia Academia Inglés Online Google Translate or Good Old Dictionaries?: Tips for English learners on using dictionaries Los 3 beneficios de las clases de media hora Is finding an online language teacher as easy as ABC? Como mejorar la pronunciación en Inglés? How to position yourself on instagram? Learn English with Music- You & I COVER. B1 and B2 English Las 5 mejores academias de inglés en Barcelona 2024 ❉ Inglés para niños de 2 a 3 años A different view of Spanish politics The Balance In Teaching Children 4 Ways to Practice English Outside of Class... That aren't Netflix How a huge lifestyle change exposed me to the world of teaching Teaching English to children is...... a mixed bag of emotions! What’s the best restaurant in Barcelona? I am Oxinity 10 novelas en inglés fáciles de leer para adultos! ¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en aprender inglés desde cero? How Can Learning English Make You More Kind and Mindful person? Learn English with Music - Dream a Little Dream of Me. B1 and B2 English Busco profesor de inglés online Why pay for English lessons? I can get them for free Stop Translating in Your Head ¡Ahórrate 20.000 euros estudiando inglés! ★ Revolución industrial 4.0: revolución en las aulas Discourse Markers: Examples Water Day What is Your Way of Learning English? Motivational quotes in the morning Did I become a better teacher because I am a Scout? To become fluent in English Recycling Wasted Time Tecnología y aprendizaje, las piedras del camino a tu futuro How speaking English at an advanced level saved my life when living AND working abroad… What's the key to learning a new language? What did I do differently when learning English? Everybody Is a Genius Hablar inglés nunca fue tan importante... ni tan fácil! Estoy en paro: aprender inglés para trabajar ✔ First Certificate essay, aprobar con un 10. Ejercicio práctico para sacar un aprobado seguro. Presidential Cartoons My habit of improving vocabulary Enhorabuena y gracias (B1 Intermediate English) Ya no solo es Covid... (B1 Intermediate English) TIPS DE PRONUNCIACIÓN PARA HISPANOHABLANTES -ERRORES A EVITAR Lista de resoluciones para 2021 Sounding Spanish Regala un empujoncito (B1 Intermediate English) Give a gift of language for Christmas Regalos para Navidad 2020 originales: regala ilusión ★ Del aula analógica a la virtual: un cambio de paradigma. Teachers Revolutionize Education, Not Technology Naenda wapi - where am I going? How to Make a Career Change My Top 5 Websites for Teaching Resources 5 Tips para tener un CV en inglés impecable What are the benefits of learning a second language after 60 English To Go How to engage your children in learning a new language. Cuando usar los adverbios de frecuencia en Ingles 3 Pasos y Una Razón para Aprender, Practicar y Avanzar en Inglés La educación 2.0 entre las apuestas de inversión ganadoras para ser rico Aprender idiomas: la pregunta del millón Benefits of using mind maps in class for students A Few Facts About Me... Convierte la Crisis en una Oportunidad aprendiendo Inglés Fish Or Fishes Or Questions That Make Us Love English Arender Inglés con Oxinity Ey up lad! Learning English as a diverse global language Aprender inglés: la tercera columna Communicative Learning Technique (CLT), the importance of Student Talking Time (STT) and how it changes language learning. How Artificial Intelligence can predict the winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election La Alta Necesidad de Aprender Inglés Why do I think it is efficient to learn or teach a language online? La crisis abre un mundo de oportunidades para los emprendedores Un Viaje Emocionante ¿Qué dice nuestro acento sobre nosotros? The Start of my Online TEFL journey – Part 2. Sometimes we foreigners believe that we can understand Checklist of Catalonia's anti-Covid rules: measures in force as of 30th October La forma de hablar en una entrevista de trabajo abre más puertas que lo que dices Spanish Congress to consider PM's request for six-month state of alarm on Thursday Top tools for developing fluency online for free. Tips for teachers and students. Are you a plant lover? Learning through teaching English as a Second Language. Why I choose to teach. When I'm not in the Classroom A reason to start Adaptarse a la Nueva Realidad aprendiendo Inglés como segunda lengua Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! INGLÉS DESDE DONDE ESTÉS (English for children) There is an imposter among us! The best mobile games for learning English Cierre de International House (IH) Showing Personal Interest In Your Student - How? A Day in the Life of an Online TEFL Teacher The Perfect Presentation My TEFL Online Survival Guide A lesson said in humour is long remembered’ Somos OXINITY! The best children’s books for English learners (and why you should read them no matter what your age!) 'There ain't 'alf been some clever b******s' The Benefits of learning other languages as a child. The Travelling Office ? Teach them Quasm – Meaning? The Spanglish Quiz: perfect for learners of Spanish and English The Importance of Timing – and not just with Lesson Planning! A short guide to write academic essays! Learning English in a fun and productive way English for Medical Professionals How to Plan a Successful Online Lesson Como hacer una cover letter en inglés: las formalidades 10 Fantastic British Slang words - impress your friends with your knowledge! Inglés para Turismo: Como hacer limonada de limones English for the Tourism Sector: Making lemonade out of lemons From Teaching to Travelling and Back Again. An Unexpected Journey. Living Language combining law and language learning. Bring on 2020 Online Learning! My Travels Around Spain and How it has helped teaching my Spanish Students Improving your Spoken English Without a Partner – How? Teaching Young Learners - How exactly? Daniel Ebanks English Teacher The Power of Music Demonstrated with Residents Is that Italian you’re speaking? Stop taking the Mickey - It's Origins Creating Memories Teacher, to Tour Guide, to Teacher El Futuro de la Educación Adapting to the New Reality via learning English How Coronavirus has Changed the World of Online Teaching The Seven Levers To Learn A Language Using my Professional Experience to Teach Business English Online Que tus hijos no se queden sin clases extra escolares este año A importância da prática Working with Charities and Volunteering to gain Teaching Experience Corsi di inglese intensivi per ragazzi e bambini Inglese per videoconferenza Inglés es el idioma mas hablado en el Mundo LOS BENEFICIOS DE UN CEREBRO BILINGÜE Teaching Students from Different Cultures and Adapting your Skills Speaking English THROUGH A COVID FACE MASK: Does it help or hinder your progress? Fun things to do in the pool whilst learning English La regla de tres para hablar inglés PUEDES APRENDER INGLES SOLO CON UNA APLICACION? DO YOU LOVE THE SHOW 'LA CASA DE PAPEL' (OR EVEN HATE IT) AND WANT A NEW ICEBREAKER WHEN CHATTING IN ENGLISH? BECAUSE OF 'MONEY HEIST'S INTERNATIONAL APPEAL, YOU COULD BE ONTO A WINNER To make or to do? My Travels in China and how it has helped with teaching my Chinese students What do I do for homework? LA RAMBLA’S LICEU THEATRE IS A THREE-TIME VICTIM OF FIRE BURSTS The Start of my ESL Journey Questions about Quarantine: Here are some questions you can ask your students about their quarantine experience: ¿Clases de inglés con mascarilla? The Real and the Fake, the Preserved and Restored: in Barcelona's Roman remains you have BOTH. Learning a new language... Introducing ..... myself! Oxinity Ingles para Adultos - Vídeo Conferencia Segura. A good English teacher for my kid (English for children) .CAT domain – Catalonia the first ‘region’ to get their own domain tag, but cat owners were left disappointed! Language and Culture: Recommendations How To Write A Blog Post For English Teaching Purposes What does the dog say? Let's get started! Barcelona The Australian accent Unique Barcelona Facts - First major female serial killer of 20th Century turns out to have been a Barcelona VAMPIRE! ¿El COVID -19 se lleva por delante tu academia? ¡No cierres! To TEFL or not to TEFL I can’t breathe: Ideas for a discussion about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement Private sector breakthrough in Space: How Space-X is changing the paradigm of space travel Nueva normalidad VS Distinta Realidad Confessions of an English Teacher! I hide the vegetables... Errores para aprender inglés: los tres errores principales que no te permiten hablar con fluidez Planning to take an english Exam? MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS I want my Mtv: A discussion about television La jota catalana y la jota inglesa son primas hermanas ¿Cómo hacer un intensivo de inglés donde quieras, cuando quieras? Movement in learning Always watch the original version When will then be now? Soon: A discussion about time travel Learning English through Song - 'Advise to take up caution when learning from them.' Pros and Pitfalls. Learn English from a native speaker Teaching and learning online. What a good idea! Clases de inglés online: una manera de acelerar el aprendizaje Integrated Pilates And Yoga And Children's Performance In Education Unique Barcelona Facts - Europe's First Photograph taken right here in Barcelona MeToo Movement: Discussion Questions Short creative writing about incense and smoke Are you a university student studying English? These tips about how to change your language from colloquial to more academic may help. REAL TALK. My first day with Oxinity. Introduction and Why English is So Hard To Learn? Transfer Your Offline Business In English Teaching Into Online Business English - Job Interview Success for ESL Speakers. How to deliver online classes in Oxinity properly: 4 steps The Art of Teaching The Future of our Children dotCAT domain – for Catalonia or Cat Owners?! Profesores de inglés en comunidad (B1 Intermediate English) PLAY TO LEARN Desarrollo de habilidades jugando Make passion your priority when learning English! Tips for Writing Academic English Characteristics of Successful Language Learners - A How To Guide To read or not to read? Book recommendations to learn English! Allow me to introduce myself first... An Introduction Best Views to See When Lockdown Ends What’s Better? The Movie in English with Spanish Subtitles or in Spanish with English Subtitles? Game Changing Technology in Education ¿Te sientes idiota cuando hablas en inglés? (B1 Intermediate English) Preposición PARA en inglés: cómo se dice Rugby Will clapping become the new currency when this is all over? Music and Social Movements - Asia Music and Social Movements - Africa 10 years and counting RESILIENCE FOR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Recursos divertidos para que los niños mejoren su inglés WHAT DO YOU NEED ENGLISH FOR? Why, thank you! How to give and accept a compliment (and not to sound awkward in the process). Coping With Coronavirus Lockdown - Language For Written English Expression Music and Social Movements Oxinity Ingles para Niños - Video Conferencia Segura. Business English - Leadership skills development for ESL Speakers. Teaching kids - The challenge (English for children) TED Talks para mejorar tu inglés (B1 Intermediate English) Oferta online para niños y niñas (English for children) Inglés fácil, útil y divertido Let´s Kick Off With a Few Handy Phrases! 10 Reasons to Learn English A native English teacher who can help you perfect your English! Introduction Saturn's Moons: Dione and I. Why I, a staunch opponent of Boris Johnson, am wishing him all the best The Things We Take For Granted APRENDER DONDEQUIERA Memory #18 Welcome to the English Blog by Juan Manuel Leiva, English Teacher online with experience in teaching for well over 18 years now. Let's meet and discuss interesting topics. Do not live a day without devoting at least 15 minutes to improving your English. El silencio como lugar de no idioma Verbal Cues and Hiccups in English that seem unique to Spanish-speakers Covid-19: What Can We Learn From This Crisis? About me. TWO WAYS TO SHARPEN YOUR LANGUAGE MIND THROUGH PLAY. Part 1: Darts Memory #17 Memory #16 IV. The Oxinity.com Team Kavafis or how I felt in love with the Greek language The Cardinal Vowel Chart La crisi dell'Unione Europea Saturn's Moons: Phoebe and I. ¿QUÉ ES OXINITY? / PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES ¿CÓMO CONTACTAR CONMIGO? III. IES Bellaguarda in Altea, Alicante. ENGLISH BUBBLE ¡TARIFAS AL DETALLE! SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH? / APRENDE ALEMÁN CONMIGO Business English for ESL speakers - How to speak like a Pro. ¡Bienvenidos a mi web! LEARNING LANGUAGES THROUGH NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND FUN! CONOCE A SLAVI ¡TU PROFESOR! Saturn's Moons: Mimas and I. Lost in Translation PSYCHOLOGY Nudges on Pension Schemes Marital Satisfaction and Child Development Harmony, Brotherhood, Democracy – La Sardana and Catalonia’s unique national identity Woman Crush Wednesday: Turning Pain into Philanthropy THIS IS WHY being a musician has helped me a lot during the past 12 years of teaching English in Spain, come meet me! Memory #15 Creations by Kristina February 11 - International day of women and girls in science Memory #14 III. Be an Early Bird. II. Talk My Walk. I. Build Public Speaking Muscle. Forever is a Long Time, But The Show Wasn't Long Enough jewllery activity Little Women: A modern adaptation for an enlightened audience Teaching With Tech / Enseñando con Tecnología Indigo Days: A concert in Madrid SLP de inglés New Year's Resolutions? Why we must learn English Blog title I lost my body (2019) New Professor in Town Test For those reading and dog lovers, here is a heartwarming story based on a true event that will make your heart melt.... 5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace How to handle dating in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona Conversations about Cars About me! From the Isle of Man to Madrid: sharing the joys of language learning Biography My Trip to London Madrid History Class! Spanish women work for free for the rest of the year Some uses of Get/have/let/allow/make/force My first blog! Why gender in English? Aprendizaje y empoderamiento mano a mano About me For Halloween, I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite horror podcasts. These are really scary and will help you practice your English listening skills at the same time! A Travel Guide to New Delhi Time to read? ¡Tercer post del blog! ¡últimos días en tapapies! Last days in tapapies Third post! Final Chapter of Ghost from the North Flags and Identity CROSS-CULTURAL USAGE OF MODAL VERBS IN ENGLISH Get on my Level: the importance of knowing your English level FROM THE DEATH OF ONE DREAM TO THE BIRTH OF ANOTHER Art galleries in London Memory #13 Memory #12 Village Pueblo? Painting materials knowledge Surfski Speaking English in Public: The Fear is Real Common Mistakes in Seismic Stratigraphic Analyses (and how to avoid them) How to deal with conflict in the workplace. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona Oxinity’s YouTube channel Saturn's Moons: Rhea and I. The importance of studying English for Business Los idiomas se aprenden con diversión Using Twitter to improve your English? Why I Became A Teacher How to Get Students as a Freelance teacher ¡Segundo post! Second Post! English as two languages and false(ish) friends How to get a Passport and NIE number or DNI in Madrid My Favourite Reading Quotes A Quick Guide for New Teachers in Spain Brexit Jargon and where are we at? My Journey How to register as Self Employed (Autónomo) in Madrid Teaching Kids With Purpose Friday the 13th! Negotiating: more than just a business skill Listening to English: a daily habit! Translation and thinking in English Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 4 Teaching English in Sunny Malaga Pleased to meet you! ¡Primer post! El hundimiento del Titanic y la curiosidad morbosa First Post! El origen de Halloween Where's the scents in that? Part II Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 3 Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 2 Do you want to improve your english The awning has broken - should I move house? THE MAGIC HOUR Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 1 Where's the scents (sense) in that? Anyone for Cricket? Guest Interview with Francesca from Creativistas What is deliberate practice and how can I use it for language learning? Entrevista con David Llosa, experto en logística 5 myths on learning a new language. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona ArmEarie: Guest Interview with Liz Richko about her up and coming non-profit organization in West Palm Beach, Florida USA Memory #11 Memory #10 II. John Cummins. Trabajar como profesor de inglés CALL FOR GUEST POSTS Fourth of July: Little Known Facts about USA's Independence Day Memory #9 The Must Have Reads for English Learners Over The Summer Countdown to WWII Come On Down To Cambridge! TIPS I HAVE GIVEN MYSELF AFTER MY COMPLETING MY TEFL An Amazing Getaway to Congost de Montrebei Taking a Stride Tips for Teachers Why would you like to become a teacher Class Conversation This Week: Saving the Ocean How to stay focused while learning something new. My experience as an English teacher in Barcelona for language learners. Part 3. 3 ideas that make learning a language more useful Saturn's Moons: Titan and I. Saturn's Moons: Intro Memory #8 Lo que dice la gente sobre inglésconJulie A little introduction to myself Why English is important in the hospitality industry? Great part of its surface is a protected natural area Memory #7 How to stay focused while learning something new. My experience as an English teacher in Barcelona for language learners. Part 2. How to invest your time wisely. Max Ibeawuchi English teacher in Barcelona I Am English. Three Symbols That Represent Me How to stay focused while learning something new. My experience as an English teacher in Barcelona for language learners. Thinking in a second language (Profesor de Inglés en Horta) Future is community. Exploring the concept of connection applied to English learning in Barcelona. Oposición is opposition? And carrera is career? Puedo prepararte para oposiciones y examenes universitarios The 5 most weird Nigerian cultures. Max Ibeawuchi English Teacher in Barcelona. Make learning easy with: Scribblenauts To sew and sing, getting started with stitches Learning English with Netflix Inglés Jurídico: ¿Ser no culpable es lo mismo que ser inocente? 4 of the best music venues I've discovered in Madrid. Artprendizaje, lúdicamente eficiente. So who is Carl Langwood? The Great Escape Taking the Tracks Is English important for your career? Teaching vocabulary to kids in Barcelona. Memory game for all age levels. Prueba de inglés para el acceso a la Guardia Civil The Art of Staycation. A new approach to learning English during vacation. Making learning English fun: video games Una minihistoria de la minifalda Practicar ingles con conversaciones en ingles Microorganismos. La moda del futuro How to talk to English customers - An Introduction How does Oxinity work Colourful Business English Teaching Spelling Activities For Kids. Spelling with stamps Learn to Cook with me! - Cooking vocabulary International House Barcelona cierra sus puertas: los 5 porqués Memory #6 Memory #5 ¿Sabes cómo llamar a tus tacones? English the language of Science Writing Songs in English - My Experience Inglés para todxs FOREIGN LANGUAGES - A BRIDGE TO THE FAVORITE ACTIVITIES Cómo hacer un blog profesional paso a paso y posicionarlo I. Language Immersion for Spanish Teachers Memory #4 Memory #3 Business English Classes Tailored To Your Profession With Agatha Sarah Two books that made a difference The story of my life. Meet a nice geologist teaching English as a second language in Barcelona How to Improve Your English Skills Outside of Class Easter (and other) Activities for Kids English Classes in Barcelona An American Architect Teaching English In Madrid. How I'ts been to move to Madrid and start a new profession. Memory #2 Memory #1 Why watching the Simpsons in English can help English Learners American Economist English Teacher in Madrid A bit about myself Oxinity Talks On Education. How To Become A Better English Teacher English for financial and legal purposes with Mark Bransby: We don’t do it that way! An English teacher in Barcelona on Brexit: A Brief History Why is this happening? Teaching kids English. English class material for kids. Tips for engaging learning. Specialized English: what is this mysterious subject? English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody with Wil Baker: I Used to make films Part 2: Life in Outback Australia. English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody with Wil Baker: All Those Food Market or Spaniards know how to throw a good party. Una diseñadora de moda bilingüe English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody with Wil Baker: Spain has a problem with email communication. Mejor en versión original ¿Estás metido en el mundo del fútbol? Yo te puedo enseñar el inglés que necesitas Inbound Marketing for English teachers Oxinity Talks on Education: Teachers' Pains and Gains in ESL. Business concerns How to Register as Self Employed (Autónomo) in Madrid: 2019 Guide for Dummies English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody else with Wil Baker: I used to make films Part 1. English for Hospitality with Sarah: how to understand customer requests English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody else with Wil Baker: Adios Australia. Hola Barcelona. Cómo me convertí en profesor de inglés en Barcelona. ¡Viva la vida loca! Los profesores de inglés de Oxinity cuentan: cómo aprender inglés mejor a niveles avanzados Kick-Start your English with Four Sentences The Grammer of Any Language Learning And Puns English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody else with Wil Baker: Adios Australia. Hola Barcelona. Juegos para aprender inglés: los mejores y los más sencillos Learning English in a bar in Alonso Martinez | I'm PUMPED UP about it! English lessons for Creatives, Musicians, Media and Content Producers; and everybody else with Wil Baker: Backstage at the Sydney Opera House. FIRST KNOW YOUR PASSION, THEN LEARN LANGUAGES, AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE FUN American -and British comedy, which is best to learn English? Sigue conociendo Irlanda a través de su cultura How to Use One & Ones in English Learning English as a second or a foreign language in USA! Diez razones para no alquilar una casa en el campo Five online tools for more effective learning To translate or not translate: this is the question 8 de marzo, día de la mujer trabajadora y símbolo de los derechos todos nosotros How to apply for NIE number in Madrid - 2019 Guide for Dummies Do you think English is a piece of cake? Take a deep breath Which is best between 1 on 1 -and normal classrooms? We Can't all be Beyoncé but We Can at Least Try Pasado Simple | Como Pronunciar ed en Ingles Pronunciation Obtaining Your NIE in Barcelona. English as a foreign or a second language Profesora de Inglés Conoce la cultura deportiva Irlandesa a través del fútbol gaélico y del inglés Learning English in cafés in Madrid – why it is genius Top Valentine's Day Songs Architect and English teacher Profesora Nativa de Inglés / Native British English teacher in Madrid Las mejores cafeterías en Barcelona para clases de inglés Trabajando en Construccion en Londres Como Encontrar Trabajo En Londres - Cosas Que Debes Saber English Acquisition Personal Experience Correcting students – the ideal teaching method for learning English? Teaching kids – how to teach teenagers English How to stay motivated and find joy in learning Dominará el inglés el mundo? In, On, At: A Guidelide to Prepositions. Teaching a second language Como es Vivir en Londres | Mis 5 Años de Conocimiento Different Teaching Approaches Como pronunciar correctamente los verbos regulares en pasado en inglés. Como ser un buen profesor. Different things we call each other in the English language Super Bowl 53 your complete beginner's guide Como Aprender Inglés? | The Question That’s Holding You Back from English Fluency LET'S LAUGH Good for class, good for life Music – why it is perfect for learning English language My Vocation In Barcelona Teaching English to Kids and Adults Imposter syndrome o Sindrome del impostor Nunca fué tan facil aprender ingles Cómo mejorar mi inglés. Los mejores consejos de tu profesor de inglés en Madrid. 3 great novels to help improve your English My experience in 2nd language acquisition Businesses in Madrid - why English classes are so important ¿Pensando en certificar tu nivel de inglés, superar las pruebas de SLP o de acceso a otras escalas? Learning English with music videos, movie trailers and adverts. Different accents. Stereotypes - People from the North of England and the South of England Porque el sistema educativo actual no funciona. Norwegian military service – why it helps other English speaking countries How To Incorporate A New Language Into Your Daily Life Teaching Level 1 Students Deportes y aprendizaje de idiomas WHAT ACTUALLY AFFECTS COMMUNICATION IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE? HOW DIFFICULT SHOULD LEARNING BE? Starting fresh for the New Year – view from an English teacher in Madrid Business Phrasal Verbs. Increase Your Overall Understanding Of English Why move to Málaga to learn English Prepara tu entrevista en inglés y consigue el trabajo de tus sueños Sports and Language Learning How television can change the way we speak English Learning English in Moratalaz, the best nieghborhood of Madrid Sincerely, From The English-Speaking Club The reality of learning a new language THREE FACTORS THAT FUNDAMENTALLY IMPROVE LEARNING New year and new opportunities – thoughts from a Norwegian guy teaching English in Madrid 5 Quick Language Tips To Set Yourself Up For The New Year From Music to teaching English. The Difference between 13 and 30 The predictions for 2019 of an English teacher in Madrid La satisfacción del trabajo bien hecho y la importancia de sentirse seguro mientras se aprende inglés. Nice weather you have!!! How I discovered my passion for teaching English and became a successful teacher in Málaga La mejor manera de aprender inglés The Best Way to Learn English Why You Shouldn’t Make New Year’s Resolutions A comparison from an English Teacher on Christmas in Britain compared to Christmas in Barcelona. My passion for teaching business and general English in Valencia De los Países Bajos a Estados Unidos y España. Más que cuento, el de Santa Claus es una mágica historia para compartir con mis alumnos de inglés How is Christmas celebrated in Norway? Point of view from an English teacher in Madrid The Terror That Made Me Better Learning A Language From NYC to BCN Inglés combinando el idioma con skateboarding o algo que te encanta From Washington, DC to Barcelona My English teaching approach My passion for climbing, mountaineering and teaching English in Barcelona Learning idioms through videos and trailers. At the drop of a hat La aventura de un profesor de inglés especializado en tecnología e innovación en Madrid Is there a synergy when learning chemistry and English in Madrid? Why Darth Vader is my favourite movie character of all time! English Teaching: My First experience as an English Teacher. Oxinity training!! Your next English Teacher! Bird in the hand How to be a good English teacher 9 Strangest New Year Traditions Around the World Propósitos de nuevo año: Aprende inglés en Madrid o por videoconferencia Why pick a Norwegian who left Chemistry to teach English in Madrid? How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Learning Come the festive season in Madrid Starting a new life as an English Teacher in Madrid You have some guts to talk to me like that Inglés para militares. Promociona en el ejército aprendiendo inglés. New concept: fun English group classes in a cosy cafe in Poble Sec Monkey business Silver spoon Real Madrid or Barcelona the best? How to learn English expressions and words through music videos and movie trailers Quieres aprender ingles en Barcelona? Happy How we can learn useful idioms in English with songs and videos Aldinsteaching
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