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Learn to write in 10 days

Only 60€
From the 2021/12/23 to 2021/08/01
10 classes of 30 minutes

  • By Videoconference

  • Where and when you want

  • Native teachers

  • Accelerate you now!


We have not gone mad! With our system, in just 10 days you will learn to write in English.

Take English classes from wherever and whenever you want. From any device with an internet connection, computer, mobile phone or tablet. Book and cancel as many times as you need 1 minute in advance. Learn English by videoconference with teachers from all over the world at the click of a button. We make easy things easy!

Learn to relate the sounds of English to their spelling with 30 minutes a day. You will never fail again!

Oxinity offers you everything that you cannot do alone.

Don't waste your time or money. The teacher's role should always be to accelerate your learning process. Teachers can show you what doors to open in order to learn much faster. But it's the student who opens and crossed those doors.


Accelerate your learning and complete your progress with flawless writing.

Paying for a lot of hours with a teacher is not the solution.

The secret to learning a language is to expose yourself for as many hours as you can to movies, songs, documentaries, radio, TED talks ... The challenge for our teachers is to discover in each class what the students do not know, to register it in the system, and for the system to provide the fastest way to fill gaps in knowledge.


Teachers' preparation is key to success! The main cause of poor results in language teaching is the lack of time for teachers to prepare for classes.

If a teacher asks you questions that you know how to answer, you are going to waste a lot of time, money, and you will even say that learning languages ​​is not for you. Does this sound familiar to you? Switch to Oxinity!

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