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First online Spanish class for adults for free. Experience how easy it is to book an Spanish class on our platform. You can cancel up to 1 minute before the class starts and book again as many times as you want.


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QUALITY in education
We analyze learning behaviors with Artificial Intelligence to identify knowledge gaps and fill them with practices, personalizing the content for each student.
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Book and cancel 1 minute before the online Spanish class for adults. Expert teachers from around the world. Sessions of 30 minutes from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
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From 36€/month you can solve the comprehensive academic success through classes with teachers and educational acceleration game. best solution Price-Practice
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Artificial intelligence and big data detect in real time what the student knows, what remains to be learned, and propose the ideal activities to the teacher to accelerate their learning.
From 30 minutes with the teacher and 30 minutes with the accelerated learning app.
  • Activities for fluency, vocabulary and structures
  • Acceleration with a playful approach
  • Real-time progress metrics
  • Custom exercises
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You decide where and when, we do the rest.

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  • With teachers from all over the world.
  • You practice what you need most
  • Customized activities for fluency, grammar and structures.
  • Progress metrics with big data.
  • Inputs on what to reinforce in class.
  • Custom exercises.
  • Acceleration of results.
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The idea of Oxinity is based on sharing, from the material, going through the cost, the profit and even the price.

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How long does it take to learn Spanish with online Spanish classes for adults?

The eternal question that can now be answered easily. Today we can measure and calculate the time left to learn the established objectives thanks to the technology we use... As a practical example, starting from scratch we promise to teach you in less than 3 years with 30 minutes of class per week with Oxinity. If you need to learn faster, we will adjust your strategy to achieve it. We make easy the easy. Oxinity stores what each student knows and what does not know in each of their interactions with our platform, both when working with the teacher and when doing activities on their own. We have classified the Spanish language into 150 grammar points. Knowing what a student does not know, we can focus the teaching to go directly to what is not known and accelerate their learning. Knowing the pace you are at and what you have left to learn, we are able to give you a date in which we will have taught you everything.

Resultados de traducción Resultado de traducción What is better in online Spanish classes for adults, individual or in a group?

If what you are looking for is to learn quickly, we recommend that you try classes of 3 students. Spanish classes for individual adults for specific things are fine, but if what you want is to learn fast, it is better to share the learning with 2 other people as long as they are complementary. At Oxinity we measure the results of the students obtained in each class in real time, and we can affirm that homogeneous classes of 3 students have better results than individual classes as opposed to what many people believe. The problem of learning is the preparation of the classes. A private teacher, most of the time, does not have enough time to be able to prepare his classes and personalize them to the needs of his students. Needs that in most cases, a single person, without an artificial intelligence base, is unable to control.

How many students are there in the online Spanish class for adults?

There can be as many students as you want, but our recommendation, and this is how our open online Spanish classes for adults operate, are a maximum of 3 students with a minimum of 1 per class. The result obtained by studying with other students, a maximum of 2, as long as they are complementarity and homogeneous, compared to individual classes, is spectacular. Today, thanks to the Big Data applied, we can confirm a better performance from this type of group classes compared to one to one.

Are all online Spanish classes for adults with a teacher?

Yes! All our online Spanish classes for adults are with a teacher. But students only pay for the actual hours with the teacher, since we have removed from all our classes all those elements that do not require the presence of a teacher, such as exercises, which we have programmed so that the student can do them by himself, at his own pace, as a complement. The system is who corrects and students learn from their mistakes. We have managed to be much more effective, and we have reduced the hourly cost of the classes by half!

How many classes should I do at least?

Do not be fooled! To learn Spanish you don't have to pay many hours to a teacher. Important!: Yes, you will need many hours of exposure to Spanish, but they don't necessarily need to be with a teacher who needs to get paid. With 30 minutes a week and 30 minutes of playing with our app with learning acceleration technology, we have enough to teach you all the Spanish you need in less than 3 years starting from scratch. But of course, this does not mean that 30/60 minutes a week are enough. The idea behind is quite simple, think of a child and you will see it cristal clear. To learn a language you must start by listening as much as possible before you start to speak. Often, a tv show, movie, ted talk or songs are much more interesting than what your teacher has done over the weekend. A movie platform, and hours and hours in the original version will be much cheaper than paying a teacher to tell you about his life. Oxinity can be the partner you will need to practice, and it will guide you in what you still haven't learnt.

Do I need books to follow the course?

Nope! The main problem of learning Spanish in Spain is that people, even if they know a lot of written Spanish, are unable to recognize the words when they hear them, and have a hard time speaking it fluently. And still Spanish people continue to study Spanish by reading! Children learn very quickly, until… they start reading! There are many teachers who have not yet realized it. Spanish is very easy, you just have to learn to recognize and reproduce its sounds, the rest is extremely simple. If you want to learn Spanish fast, don't study or read until you understand and they understand you. Once you get to that point, start reading like crazy and write as much as you can. But, never before. If you haven't started studying yet... you're welcome!

What computer, tablet or mobile do I need for the online Spanish classes for adults?

Any computer, tablet or mobile that has Google Chrome or Safari. The technology that Oxinity uses for its classes is called WebRTC. For computers we recommend Google Chrome, even if it is Apple. On mobile devices also Google Chrome, except for iPhones and iPads when then we recommend Safari for a better performance.

How much do the classes cost?

It is important to know that Oxinity classes are made up of two parts. The first with a teacher, with objectives and contents defined daily according to the evolution of the students, which is what is paid for. And the second part in which we encapsulate all the exercises so as not to waste time in class, which does not imply cost. What we have achieved is that there are no wasted times in class, and that all activities that do not require a teacher do not have to be paid for. This way we manage to be much more effective than traditional proposals and also much cheaper. If an hour of class is composed by up to 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of playing with accelerated learning, the cost per hour is 8.57 euros in classes of 1 to 3 students.

What materials do I have to complement the classes?

Oxinity's online Spanish classes for adults seek to consolidate the content that we have identified as not known by the students. The teacher marks in each activity if the students have acquired and exceeded the objective. Then, through the Oxinity app and its game, we make sure that what we have seen in class has been consolidated. The first questions in the game are always about what was taught in the previous class. Once these questions have been passed, the next ones are about the next class, and so on until completing the 150 linguistic points, structures and comprehension, and the more of 3000 words that we plan with every student to complete in less than 3 years when starting from scratch.

If I want to learn Spanish faster, how can I do it?

Simple, more exposure! It doesn't have to be with a teacher, so you don't have to pay us. Movies, series, online conferences, songs... all this will make you progress, and you will also save a lot of money, and above all, it is the base you need to learn, with no doubt. Our proposal is simple, complement all your exposure using Big Data technology and artificial intelligence. We will identify everything you still have to learn and we will provide it to you efficiently. All our teachers use the OXBRIDGE learning system, which is based on measuring learning so that the teacher has the content that best suits their students in real time so that they learn in the most efficient and fastest way.