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Spanish classes for children with Artificial Intelligence and logical-mathematical reasoning.

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First trial class with no strings attached. You will see how easy it is to book a class on our platform. You can cancel up to 1 minute before class starts and book again as many times as you want.

And now we teach Spanish with Minecraft:


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QUALITY in education
We analyze learning behaviors with Artificial Intelligence to identify knowledge gaps and fill them with practices, personalizing the content for each student.
FLEXIBILITY in learning
Book and cancel 1 minute before class. Sessions of 30 minutes from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Expert teachers from around the world.
PRICE unbeatable
From 36€/month you can solve the comprehensive academic success through classes with teachers and educational acceleration game. best solution Price-Practice
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Artificial intelligence and big data detect in real time what the student knows, what remains to be learned, and propose the ideal activities to the teacher to accelerate their learning.
From 30 minutes with the teacher and 30 minutes with the accelerated learning app.
  • Activities for fluency, vocabulary and structures
  • Acceleration with a playful approach
  • Real-time progress metrics
  • Custom exercises
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You decide where and when, we do the rest.

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Best Price Practice

Per student
  • With teachers from all over the world.
  • You practice what you need most
  • Customized activities for fluency, grammar and structures.
  • Progress metrics with big data.
  • Inputs on what to reinforce in class.
  • Custom exercises.
  • Acceleration of results.
10% off every time you bring a friend.
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The idea of Oxinity is based on sharing, from the material, going through the cost, the profit and even the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child understand the online Spanish class if the teachers only speak Spanish?

Yes! The secret of learning a language like Spanish is to first get used to its sound, then repeat it, then understand it, and finally use it. Changing this order could imply a bad progression that can negatively determine not only the future poor understanding of Spanish, but also its proper implementation. Not only is it important not to use a language other than Spanish, but it is essential to ensure correct language learning for children.

Is it possible to study Spanish from a mobile phone?

Of course! Unlike other proposals that suggest that the child focus on the teacher and that the latter capture all of their attention, in Oxinity's online Spanish classes for children we believe that the most important thing is the teacher-content duality. At Oxinity, we know that the success of online Spanish classes for children is due to the prior preparation of content adapted to the real and individual needs of children. The content they see in class is what they need to see at all times in order to progress in the most efficient way, thanks to the information constantly collected with each interaction within the platform. Content is the key, and this content canSpanish be enjoyed on both computers and mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

How to continue with the online Spanish classes for children after the test?

Once you have tried the lessons, you can choose how many classes you want per week. Once you choose the modality that suits you best, you can choose your online Spanish lessons on a regular basis, or be able to do them when it suits you at any time, being able to change as many times as you want up to 1 minute before the start of the class .

How to organize the online Spanish classes schedule for your children? How to book classes on a regular basis?

In the schedule tab in the Oxinity app, you can choose the time that suits you best and you can book your Spanish classes online permanently or on a one-off basis. You can make as many changes as you want as long as the class has not started, up to 1 minute in advance.

How to cancel or postpone an online Spanish class?

The great advantage of Oxinity's online Spanish classes for children is that you can cancel and choose another class 1 minute before the start of the classes. Making up your classes can be done during the next 30 days from the date of the class cancellation.

Technical problems have arisen during the online Spanish class for children. What do we do now?

  • If you access your online Spanish classes from a computer, we recommend the use of Google Chrome. If you do it from a mobile or tablet, if it is iPhone or iPad, do it using Safari, if you use an Android device, we recommend the use of Google Chrome for these devices.
  • Refresh your class page if not you enter once you press the START CLASS button, or you are alone in class and you do not see the teSpanishacher or your classmates.
  • If they do not hear you or do not see you, you can verify the operation of the microphone and the camera on the third-party website
  • If you have used any application that previously required the use of the camera or microphone, it may be necessary to restart the device to be able to have these resources again for your Spanish classes for children.
  • If you do not know how to solve If you have a problem accessing and doing your Spanish class online, you can always contact our technical service through the chat that you will find anywhere. Any of the Oxinity web pages, or our application, and any of our support people will help you solve any of your eventualities.

I have not been able to complete or reschedule the trial class. What I can do?

Oxinity's philosophy with its online Spanish classes is to convince its interested parties through trial classes. If for any reason you have not been able to do or complete your first trial class, do not hesitate to ask for a new one, we want to convince you by letting you try!

How to get a discount?

  • You can get discounts for each student you refer. The system is very simple. From the personal area of the Oxinity application, you can send an invitation to anyone, through WhatsApp, email,... with a simple link and a traction code. For each recommended student who signs up, your fee will decrease by 10% of the fee paid by your referral. In turn, your referral will also have an additional 10% discount. For example, if you bring 10 students who pay the same fee as you, your classes will be free!

Is it possible to teach several children with different ages at the same time?

Yes! Each student, individually, can choose their classes at the time that best suits them, being the same or different. Each student at Oxinity has a level, need and objective. The information we collect and store in each class allows us to know at what point each of the students are, and the system proposes the most efficient content to the teacher so that they learn in the best, fastest and most efficient way. At Oxinity we have extensive hours from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

How long do the online Spanish classes last?

A class at Oxinity lasts 27 minutes. Teachers take advantage of the next 3 minutes before the next English class begins, to be able to send an email with the class summary and other aspects to highlight. Also during these 3 minutes, the teacher saves the individualized information, obtained during the class, for each student, so that the system determines the most efficient content for learning.