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How does Oxinity work to learn English?

Oxinity is a platform designed for teachers and academies, who teach English, to get their own clients. Oxinity's mission is to provide all the necessary tools for private teachers and small academies to have a competitive advantage over large companies dedicated to teaching the English.

How to choose the best English tutor in madrid?

Each student can directly choose their private English teacher in madrid. All dealings will be made directly with the teacher. Oxinity provides a service to the teacher / academy and may express their wishes if they prefer that we negotiate on their behalf. Once an agreement is reached with the private teacher, the student will deal directly with the same teacher. Oxinity will guarantee at all times that the agreements established between students and teachers are respected, and will ensure compliance to ensure the service, guaranteeing that private teachers will comply with their obligation, and demanding compliance with the payment by the client, providing the service collection on account of these services on behalf of the teacher.