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Amelia Samulska

Profesor/a de inglés


Tailor your own English classes and try for free.

I offer different types of English classes. We can meet in a café, at your work place, home or by videoconference. For you or your children. We can have a mixed mode classes and adapt to your needs. Select your preferences and we can meet for your trial class.

Bar or public place
At work
At home
Housing complex


Ready-to-use classes, flexible and adapted to you

All the class notes in your mobile device

Every week you'll receive an email to access your schedule and class content. Once in class, you can use your smartphone to follow my explanations.

You can go for an open and flexible system

The café and videoconference class options give you the chance to choose and change your schedule as many times as you wish so that you don't miss a class

Both in person and by videoconference

You can choose and change class modes according to your agenda. Do your class from the airport if you are going on a trip.

Control your daily progress.

Progress, attendance and evaluation

You can keep track of your progress at any time. In each class I'll evaluate whether you've acquired the content objectives through every activity. You can also gain points through our mobile app. All this will allow you to keep track of your progress and current situation.

Consolidation and review

I will not send you homework but you'll have an app at your disposal in case you'd like to revise and reinforce the concepts taught and practiced in class. We've created a game that gives you the chance to compete with other people and also revise and learn new concepts in a fun way, at your pace.


25,00 €
/ hora

One-to-one classes

Classes for one person only. I adapt to your needs and level.

35,35 €
/ hora

Group classes

Classes with other students.

69,00 €
/ mes

Classes in cafés

Drink included

I propose that you join one of the groups that I have set up in friends bars. You will enjoy a class in a relaxed atmosphere and you will share learning and laughter with up to 5 people of your same level.



I'm oxinity

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Oxinity is a community of teachers sharing the same passion for language teaching. We love our profession and enjoy teaching our students. We create and share all the class material and use the Oxinity tools to teach in the best possible way.

Oxinity grants the quality of the service I provide, both regarding teaching and the class organization, money collection issues that can arise.