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Josie Salmon
2023-01-23 11:58:32
Hello! I am a native English speaker from Sheffield in the north of England. My students often tell me my enthusiastic and effective approach to teaching is what makes my lessons enjoyable I have been teaching ESL online since 2020 and focus on teaching conversational and Business English, Before I became a teacher, I worked for a technology company for a total of 9 years. My professional background means I have a lot of experience using business English including; formal communication, such as client networking, meetings, emails, interview preparation, and so on. What to expect from my classes: I use both materials or free conversation topics to guide the lesson. I am very focused on motivating my students to speak and will give lots of help, corrections and encouragement. My main focus is to get you feeling confident and comfortable with speaking English! My lessons are usually 30 minutes or 1 hour long. So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, contact me for a free trial class and I can help you to communicate comfortably in English!
MCarmen Martinez
2023-01-17 10:03:08
Mi trayectoria profesional comienza dentro del mundo financiero como bróker de divisas durante 12 años en Madrid y Londres. Mi estancia en U.S.A durante 2 años me lleva a querer realizarme profesionalmente como profesora de inglés hasta hoy. La enseñanza de un idioma para alumnos de cualquier edad y nivel requiere no solo del conocimiento de este, sino del deseo de transmitirlo adaptándose a las necesidades de cada alumno. El formato de las clases, dinámico y participativo es esencial para comprometer el propósito del estudiante. El seguimiento individual permite avanzar coherentemente en el progreso del aprendizaje al ritmo de cada uno.
Georgina Malagarriga
2020-09-30 00:00:01
Profesora de inglés cualificada, acreditada con el certificado CELTA para enseñar inglés a personas de todas las edades. Cuento con 5 años de experiencia, enseñando inglés de forma presencial a niños, adolescentes y adultos, siguiendo el método de Cambridge English. Preparadora oficial del B2 First Certificate Exam y C1 Advanced Exam. Ahora soy profesora de inglés online, ofreciendo clases virtuales a particulares o en grupo.

Mi primera experiencia docente fue en el 2008, en la European University of Business and Marketing, donde impartí las asignaturas de Diseño Gráfico Interactivo, Herramientas Multimedia y Proyectos Socio-colaborativos Online. Desde el 2015 soy profesora de inglés y he impartido clases en un mismo centro durante tres años. Mis alumnos han sido de niveles y edades muy dispares, desde niños (a partir de los 4 años) a adolescentes y adultos. También fui encargada de las clases de preparación a exámenes oficiales (FCE y CAE) durante dos años. Asimismo, he sido sustituta de distintas materias en el American School of Barcelona y el St. Paul's School, también en Barcelona.
17.5 /hora
+ 7.5 /trayecto
Steve Nugent
2020-04-16 00:00:01
I'm a native Brit from the north of England married into a Spanish family. I'm CELTA & Masters qualified & have taught both English & Humanities. Before moving to Spain I worked in various educational settings with schools & partnerships including with corporate volunteers, sports clubs, film makers, performing arts groups, & charities, managing teams & to delivery community education programmes in London & Manchester. I help to develop the content at Oxinity & enjoy in particular materials relating to cultural diversity & different global perspectives. I believe in effective active learning where students are engaged in topical & relevant materials. I´ve had a lot of experience in to improving both verbal dexterity & comprehension towards proficiency levels & in drawing out the idiomatic differences in say British & American English. I like to focus on Content & Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) where students help shape their learning in relation to English for a Specific Purpose (ESP) & especially towards their particularly interests so to maintain high levels of interest & motivation. For this I can also rely on my experience as a skilled curator of learning resources for use also outside of class. From my blogs you can see that I am passionate about education, music, literature, film, comedy sport, global & cultural perspectives on current affairs, practical ethics....all sorts. I'm a dedicated & curious lifelong learner & enjoy building rapport in classes, in particular with committed, inquisitive & ambitious students be they International Business people, Teachers, Academics, International Students, elite Sports people, aspirational parents etc. The outcomes should be that you, the learner, 'flourish' or become confident in any work, study or social situation where previously you may have felt out of your confident zone.

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Oxinity is a platform designed for teachers and academies, who teach Spanish, to get their own clients. Oxinity's mission is to provide all the necessary tools for private teachers and small academies to have a competitive advantage over large companies dedicated to teaching the Spanish.

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Each student can directly choose their private Spanish teacher. All dealings will be made directly with the teacher. Oxinity provides a service to the teacher / academy and may express their wishes if they prefer that we negotiate on their behalf. Once an agreement is reached with the private teacher, the student will deal directly with the same teacher. Oxinity will guarantee at all times that the agreements established between students and teachers are respected, and will ensure compliance to ensure the service, guaranteeing that private teachers will comply with their obligation, and demanding compliance with the payment by the client, providing the service collection on account of these services on behalf of the teacher.

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