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Sonia Mendes
2022-05-03 16:47:54
Always wearing a smile, energetic, multi-tasking, resilient. Loving animals and plants, loving life, this is me! I'm a Portuguese native, proficient in Spanish and English. I come from the International Trade area but I've decided to follow my passion that is helping children and adults to learn English. In each class, my students and me, we are a team following two goals: learn and have fun and I'm there to guide them throughout their way, to achieve their goals. Knowing how important is to improve the communication skills in English, in each session we dedicate special attention to speaking, always working grammar, structures and pronunciation. I'm waittng for you!
Paddy Byrne
2022-04-27 10:16:54
I am a Native English speaker and love to meet new people and learn about new cultures. I am used to working in a team and have experience providing customer service to both the Irish and UK markets. I previously worked at Mercedes-Benz as a Complaints Case Manager and a Customer Service Representative and I have experience working in the insurance industry so I have plenty of experience of practicing the use of Business level English. I have always felt a passion for training my colleagues in previous jobs and love to teach, helping others is very rewarding. English has always been a strong subject of mine and I enjoy reading and writing. My 120 hour TEFL certificate from Oxbridge TEFL has helped me enhance my knowledge of the language and how to teach it to you. I would love to be your guide in improving your level of English and help you achieve your goals!
Georgina Malagarriga
2022-04-26 22:24:10
Nací en Ginebra, Suiza. Crecí en Delaware, EEUU. Y llegué a "casa" (Barcelona) a los 9 años, sabiendo hablar 4 idiomas a la perfección. Pasar mi infancia en el extranjero me ha hecho ser abierta y receptiva, cualidades que aporto a mis clases de inglés. Palabras que me definen: pasional, empática, comunicativa, creativa, amable, entusiasta. Enseñar es un dar y recibir constante. Todo se puede aprender, tan sólo necesitamos encontrar a la persona que nos ayude a creer que podemos hacerlo.
17.5 /hora
+ 7.5 /trayecto
Bev Sisson
2022-04-20 10:02:05
Hi, welcome! My approach to teaching is very much based on information from you. I want to understand your goals, so together we can make sure you reach them. How much time you will dedicate to your learning is important for me to know, so I can figure out how to accelerate your learning within the time frame you have. My experience allows me to recognise your level, to know when you are too comfortable with certain learning materials or when you need a challenge. Once we have established your goal, mine is to motivate you, to create a vibrant and effective learning environment to give you the confidence and capability to achieve your targets. My commitment to you give me 100%, I will give you 100%
Adriana Marin Getino
2022-03-30 17:13:10
Nací en La Paz, Bolivia, mi padre es Boliviano y mi madre de León, España. Tengo una mezcla de nacionalidades, ya que he dividio mi infancia y juventud entre los dos países. Al tener familia en los dos países, puedo decir que pertenezco a las dos culturas. A los 19, me mudé a Léon, para estudiar Ciencias Ambientales. Después de acabar la carrera me dediqué a viajar por el mundo. Que es cuando empecé a descubrir que me apasionan los idiomas, y donde empecé a dar clases particulares a extranjeros, sobre todo en ayudas para exámenes oficiales de visados en diferentes países. Y fué a partir de esta experiencia, cuando quise dedicarme de una manera más profesional a la enseñanza. Actualmente, y desde hace 5 años, trabajo como profesora de Enseñanza de Lengua de Español para Extranjeros (ELE), y como profesora de inglés. Durante 4 años he desarrollado mi trabajo en la enseñanza presencial en un centro de idiomas y progresivamente a causa de la pandemia de COVID-19, he intensificado mi actividad en clases “online”. Cuento con el título oficial de profesores de ELE de la universidad Carlos III, el curso de especialización para profesores de ELE del Instituto Cervantes y actualmente me encuantro cursando el Master oficial para profesores de ELE con Euronova. Me apasiona enseñar y mis clases están adaptadas a las necesidades y objetivos del alumno.
2022-03-24 12:38:02
I am a cheerful person for most part of the day; a good listener, with a keen eye on details; and I like having a good debate. Empathy, curiosity, reason - If I had to describe myself with a few words.
Paz Blanco
2022-03-21 17:33:04
Soy profesora certificada bilingüe. Me apasionan los procesos de aprendizaje basados en la curiosidad y en el uso del inglés como medio de expresión de nuestra personalidad, no solo como herramienta de comunicación.
Josie Salmon
2022-01-24 00:00:01
Hello! I am a native English speaker from Sheffield in the north of England. My students often tell me my enthusiastic and effective approach to teaching is what makes my lessons enjoyable I have been teaching ESL online since 2020 and focus on teaching conversational and Business English, Before I became a teacher, I worked for a technology company for a total of 9 years. My professional background means I have a lot of experience using business English including; formal communication, such as client networking, meetings, emails, interview preparation, and so on. What to expect from my classes: I use both materials or free conversation topics to guide the lesson. I am very focused on motivating my students to speak and will give lots of help, corrections and encouragement. My main focus is to get you feeling confident and comfortable with speaking English! My lessons are usually 30 minutes or 1 hour long. So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, contact me for a free trial class and I can help you to communicate comfortably in English!
Blanca Sanchez Rocha Baldasano
2021-02-09 00:00:01
Hi! I’m Blanca. I’m a native English teacher from the USA. I have 6 years’ experience teaching foreign languages to students of all ages and abilities! Teaching truly is my passion and I am excited to help you reach your conversational, test prep, or general English goals as I have been able to do with my former students. My students say my charismatic and dynamic personality make class fly by. This combined with Oxinity's platform will allow you to quickly improve your language skills. See you in class soon!
2019-08-27 00:00:01
As I have lived in Madrid for over a quarter of a century I am more than familiar in dealing with common mistakes in structure, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as the "vergüenza" which holds back many Spanish students. I also have a bilingual teenage son who has taught me a lot about language acquisition, as well as problems with language teaching in the early years of school! After such a long time teaching in a wide range of Spanish and foreign companies in this changing city, I feel I have an informed outsider's insight into the trials of English learning and international business in English in Spain, while retaining my very British sense of humour!

How does Oxinity work to learn Spanish?

Oxinity is a platform designed for teachers and academies, who teach Spanish, to get their own clients. Oxinity's mission is to provide all the necessary tools for private teachers and small academies to have a competitive advantage over large companies dedicated to teaching the Spanish.

How to choose the best Spanish tutor?

Each student can directly choose their private Spanish teacher. All dealings will be made directly with the teacher. Oxinity provides a service to the teacher / academy and may express their wishes if they prefer that we negotiate on their behalf. Once an agreement is reached with the private teacher, the student will deal directly with the same teacher. Oxinity will guarantee at all times that the agreements established between students and teachers are respected, and will ensure compliance to ensure the service, guaranteeing that private teachers will comply with their obligation, and demanding compliance with the payment by the client, providing the service collection on account of these services on behalf of the teacher.

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