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Enrique Reyes

Profesor de inglés


Venezuelans abroad! STOP Xenophobia

This is my first post in English and I'd like you to know a little bit more about my country, people and culture. 

Venezuela is a beautiful country located in the north of South America, with a population of 32 million people and it has a very rich culture. In Venezuela. we have everything to fulfill every taste: we have beautiful beaches (in my humble opinion, the best beaches in the world), very large jungles and a rich ecosystem, big tall mountains covered in snow (very rare in a tropical country) and of course extensive but beautiful plain countryside.

We are a country of  beautiful ladies, very beautiful ladies I may say, and surprisingly a country with no racism. We don't care about nationalities, skin color, economic situation or sexual preferences; we are all brothers and sisters working as hard as we can to be happy and have a nice life. Venezuelans are very friendly and always willing to help those who are in need. I warn you, we have a strange sense of humor because even in difficult situations we make jokes not for joy, but to motivate us and to keep going.

As you guys could know, Venezuela is living an unusual and difficult situation. Since 1998 we have been living a disguised dictatorship under the regime of Chavez until his death and Nicolas Maduro; nowadays the situation is getting worse and worse. In spite of, all the attempts of the regime to make people miserable and poorer every day, we are still (at least most of us) hard workers and honest men and women living by the work to provide for our families and to be as happy as we can. 

Of course, there are bad people in this world and I can assure you that they don't represent us and I find these xenophobic attacks very unfair. Back in the golden ages, Venezuela was the perfect place for immigrants. In the 60's and 70's we received people from all, over the world (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, China) because we were and still are a country of opportunities where everyone can find their place in the world and be happy. For example, I come from a Spanish family; my grandparents are from Spain and went to Venezuela looking for better opportunities and possibilities and started a family there, my family.

In conclusion, if you interview a Venezuelan for a job, you can be sure that he or she won't let you down. If you are looking for a friend, you'll find a very good one in us. If you want to visit a beautiful country, visit mine because I know for sure you will have a good time. 

Help me to promote and STOP xenophobia, we are all humans, we are all people and most important, we all share the same world.

See you guys soon!  
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