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Coping With Coronavirus Lockdown - Language For Written English Expression

Coping with Coronavirus Lockdown

How are you coping with the Coronavirus lockdown?

It´s tough-going, that´s for sure. Depending on which country you´re in, your government has dealt with the situation in different ways. Do you feel satisfied with the way your government handled the situation the measures they took?

Some countries delayed the lockdown and the closure of borders until the very last minute. Many people feel disappointed with the reaction of the UK and US governments.

On the other hand, some countries, such as Denmark, pre-empted the problem by closing all the borders and putting everyone on lockdown as soon as they got wind of the situation in China.

There are many rumours, people believe that many countries are manipulating statistics and playing down the extent of the number of cases. Whether you are happy with what your government is doing, one thing is for sure, you are having to make do with a less than ideal situation.

My advice is this: broaden your horizons and learn about things that you would not otherwise. Invest time in a new business venture or read up on a topic that fascinates you. Keep yourself in shape by improvising with home exercises and give your mind a workout by developing your mental skills by learning something new.

This may impact our lives but if we can stay healthy and well then we must try to make the most of the time we have at home which we wouldn´t otherwise!

cope with (phrasal verb)

tough-going (noun)

deal with (phrasal verb)

the very last minute (noun)

handle (verb)

take measures (verbal expression, collocation)

pre-empt a problem (verbal expression, collocation)

be on lockdown (verbal expression, collocation)

manipulate statistics (verbal expression, collocation)

play down a situation (verbal expression, collocation)

make do (phrasal verb)

broaden one´s horizons (verbal expression, collocation)

business venture (noun)

read up (phrasal verb)

keep oneself in shape (verbal expression, collocation)

give one´s mind a workout (verbal expression, collocation)

make the most of something (verbal expression, collocation)

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