Allow me to introduce myself first... by Sofía Vargas - Profesora bilingüe

Allow me to introduce myself first...

Now– WHO AM I?

If you asked me who I am and where I come from, that'd certainly be a tough question to answer for you. I don't want to sound mysterious, nor do I want to come across as sketchy, but even I know my home is in several places and my nationality is not only the Spanish one. 
I was born in Madrid, but shortly after moved to Lima (Perú). My dad's originally from Perú, so that's why. We travelled to the States in the summer though, and ocasionally came back to Madrid for Christmas, for my mother's parents were still alive and lived in the enchanting neighbourhood of Chamberí. However, we moved back to Madrid for good when I was seven. I fell in love with the city, truly, though I came across a very international background here, because I went to a German school. My dad thought that if I learned German, my english would get better and it would be easier to actually become bilingual. I hated him for it for a while but he was right, the man had a point!
Back in 2014, we all moved to a small town called Cheltenham (Gloucestershire), close to where the races take place. 

I attented the Cheltenham Ladies' College, where I first came in contact with music. I also learnt about english literature, math, biology, creative writing and played sports. I fell in love with the english culture and ever since then, I have dedicated myself to the english language... but not only that. I'm also a singer!

In 2016, I graduated from school and I kept up with my musical studies, for I really, really, REALLY want to live a life in which I combine my two favorite things in the world:

– Words (it doesn't matter where those are in Spanish, English or German).
– Music (I don't care if it is playing guitar or piano or singing, give me all of it). 

So here I am, trying to balance both of them. So far, I think I'm doing pretty well. 
Would you like to give it a go yourself? I'd love to teach all of you guys, and then you can be the one telling me if I'm doing well, or if I should just stick to whining on my songs wink.

Love always,


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