Short creative writing about incense and smoke by Evan Tanswell - Profesor de inglés

Short creative writing about incense and smoke

Incense Smoke and the dance.


Watching the smoke rise out of the incense box noticing how it has a playfulness to it. It flows in a way that water can not but it still has its own type of flow. It's able to go in any direction but is governed by its surroundings. If it is still the smoke will flow straight up and be direct, if there is a light breeze it will bend with the breeze and be taken by it. If the breeze is light but constant the smoke will start to dance and move and become mesmerising. With swirls and waves that form a dance-like flowing pattern that continues and flows until the smoke becomes one with its surroundings. It is still there but it is now invisible.

 If a strong wind comes through the smoke is quickly pushed down and disappears quickly almost as if it never existed, but it is still there dancing and flowing to a different vibration. The way it flows and plays is determined by the outside conditions, it does not have a choice in the mater. Like us we are also affected by the conditions around us, the difference is, we do have a choice in the way we flow, that is if we decide to flow or not.

Do you want to flow to be able to dance?

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