Teaching and learning online. What a good idea! by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Teaching and learning online. What a good idea!

Teaching online is challenging for both teachers and students but the outcome is amazing.

After teaching private classes for a couple of years, last year I started teaching online.
Talking to a friend, she introduced me to an Asian company that I could apply for from my country.
It seemed crazy to be in Portugal teaching people from the other side of the world but I decided to give it a try and applied for the position of online english teacher/tutor.
The experience has been amazing.  So amazing that I decided to do only that.

By then I was far to know what was going to happen later, that months later COVID would not allow us to do anything but work from home.
My decision was the right one, without even know I was ahead in time.

At the moment I teach English to children and adults up to 80’s, some of them want to learn for work proposes, others because want to study abroad and others just because they want to improve their communications skills or simple don’t want to forget how to talk in English.
Each class is rewarding, I feel that I made the difference in my students life. For that 30 minutes we were a team.

COVID will vanish soon (i hope ;)) but classes online will fortunately stay and If you didn’t try yet, book a class and you won’t regret it.

See you soon!!

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