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I want my Mtv: A discussion about television


This week we are talking about television in class. Do you watch TV? What do you watch?

There are different genres of television. Here are some types of TV shows:

  • a soap opera
  • a documentary
  • a cooking
  • a crime series
  • the news
  • a reality show
  • a wildlife program
  • a sitcom

What are some examples of each? Can you identify any additional genres (i.e. thriller, science fiction, etc.)

What are some adjectives used to describe TV? Here are some examples below:

  • addictive
  • annoying
  • boring
  • depressing
  • educational
  • funny
  • popular
  • realistic

Use the adjectives to say what you think about different types of TV shows. Use any other adjectives that you know.

• Use adverbs of frequency (always, usually, often, rarely, etc.) to show how often you do an activity.

• Adverbs of frequency go before verbs (except for be). Examples:

I always go shopping on Sundays.

I am never late for school.

• Use them between modal verbs (can, could, might, may, have, etc.) and the main verb. Example:

I can always watch football on TV.

• When you want to be more specific, you can add the number of times you do something, plus days, weeks, months or years. Examples:

I go swimming once a month.

I go travelling twice a year.

I eat three times a day.

Use the adverbs of frequency to say how much you watch different TV shows.


A: How often do you watch cooking shows?

B: Sometimes. I watch MasterChef twice a month.



Describe a TV show. What kind of program it is? How popular it is? Use adjectives to describe it.



You can review this worksheet online at www.linguahouse.com/ex 2/4 Review your flashcards at least 3-5 times a week for 20 minutes to keep the material fresh in your memory.


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