Living Language combining law and language learning. by Alexander Walsh-Penley - Profesor/a de inglés

Living Language combining law and language learning.

To me one of the most interesting things in teaching English are the several different types. I have taught American English and British English. It certainly helps that I have written several hundred legal briefs as a Lawyer. One of the things which helps students the most is too keep it a live and communicative language. Some students are legitimately concerned that when they learn English as a Foreign Language often the classes are too formulaic. This reaches a point where students, even who have studied for many years, are too heavily weighted down with archaic language. One class I had with many students, all were in Advanced English, yet not one single one knew what a “buck” was (it’s a dollar). As a lawyer I’ve had to word my briefs precisely, sometimes even needing to quote clients, and with only official book learning, this would never do. Additionally teaching, and learning, the living language, keeps it fun and engaging. Learning language is a ride: let’s take that ride together!

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