Learning English in a fun and productive way by Christina Ferrise - Profesor/a de inglés

Learning English in a fun and productive way

Let's get to know each other.

Have you ever thought that the small weird things about you are what make you unique as a person? If someone asked you what are those things in your character that make you a little bit weird what would your answer be?
I would say for myself first of all that I am a foodie. I love trying new recipes, traditional dishes from countries all over the world and learning about the background story of the dish that I am eating. Apart from food I also really love exercising and staying physically active. Due to the fact that I am also a big geek as to how the human body works is part of the reason that I got a BA in Physiotherapy.

My name is Christina Ferrise and I am 28 years old. My family is originally from Canada so I am a native English speaker, but I spent most of my life growing up and living in different countries around Europe. Due to traveling a lot and changing cities or even countries a lot, socializing with new people and learning a new language is not something new to me.
While I was studying in Athens to get my Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy I started working as an English teacher for kids as a side job to earn an income. That was when I was first introduced to teaching. Throughout the years after becoming a mom I shifted to working online and since it has been a job that I always really enjoyed I never stopped and eventually decided to make a career out of it. One of the things that I believe eventually made me a good teacher is the fact that I myself am a lifelong student. Learning for me is something I love and cannot live without.
After graduating from the University decided to expand my experience and learn a new language by living in that country that it is spoken. So, I moved first to Liguria in Italy and later on to Valencia in Spain. That is how I learned how to speak Greek, Italian and Spanish (even though not very fluently anymore). The experience of learning a new language more than once has been very helpful to me as a teacher because it is what made me understand to a big extend what are the difficulties a student faces when trying to develop language skills.
While working online as an English teacher in the past 3 years due to my studied and the fields of my interests I have focused more on teaching Medical English to health practitioners of all sorts (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, midwifes etc.). At the same time have also taught Business English working on interview preparation, fluency for different work projects where my students would need to be able to communicate with clients from abroad. I also have experience working with companies that evolve around customer service such as HR departments in big companies, Hotel Industries, restaurant staff, and call center agents.
It has come to my attention through these experiences that one of the most important factors in delivering successful lessons is to be fully aware of what the students' needs and desirable outcomes are in order to create tailored lesson plans to cover those needs. A proper lesson plan that fits the students' needs in combination with a productive and yet fun class environment is what makes online lessons easy and enjoy-full. So what are you waiting for?
 I always like a good joke so the element of humor is always welcome in my classroom.
How do you feel about sharing a joke together and making your English learning experience awesome?
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