A short guide to write academic essays! by Claire V - Profesora de inglés

A short guide to write academic essays!

The beginning of the new school year implies that many of you will have to write academic essays again. But you won’t have to struggle this year! In this short guide, we are presenting some useful tips that will make your writing time way easier. Let’s dive in!

  1. A good and captivating beginning is key!

If you want to get and maintain the attention of the reader you need both a good tittle and a great start. Do not hesitate to use sentences such as Over the past ten years or Recent research has demonstrated that.

If you have an interesting introduction for your topic, it will be easier to develop the following paragraphs.

  1. Never leave your paragraphs disconnected; connectors are your best friends here!

Presenting separate sentences without connectors between them will not only difficult the task of reading the essay but also will not allow you to relate all your pieces of content together. It will also appear as a lack of proficiency in this language! Hence, remember to use linkers such as moreover, furthermore, whereas, thus or nevertheless.

  1. It is essential that you introduce your own perspective.

Presenting properly the academic information and research is crucial for your essay. Nonetheless, do not forget to introduce your own perspective on it!  Try to avoid the usual In my opinion and substitute this with other formulas such as The evidence suggests that, It seems to me that or It is possible to assert that. Likewise, it is important that you present others’ perspectives as well with phrases like Advocates/proponents would claim that or According to.

  1. Don’t forget to sum up the information. Give your work a good conclusion!

Many times, it is possible to read great essays that sadly present poor conclusions. Always remember to sum up the information in a couple of lines and to state a clear conclusion! Don’t let your effort be in vain. For this purpose, you can always use phrases as All things considered or To tackle this situation we need to.

All in all, do not forget to review your text in order to make sure that it is coherent and that you are satisfied with it. Writing an essay can be challenging but you will make a great article!

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