'There ain't 'alf been some clever b******s' by Steve Wallis - Profesor/a de inglés

'There ain't 'alf been some clever b******s'

'There ain't 'alf been some clever b******s' reminds us that there have some truly amazing people :-

'Van Gogh did some eyeball pleasers
He must have been a pencil squeezer
He didn't do the Mona Lisa
That was an Italian geezer'.

The ideas that some people come up with are beyond belief. Take the following word..STARTLING. If we remove a letter we have STARTING. Remove another letter...STARING. Repeat the procedure....STRING. Then...STING..Got the idea...SING..SIN..IN...I . Who thought of this ? Definitely some 'clever b******', maybe the geezer who used to own the local 'chippy' (fish and chip shop emporium)........
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