The Best Way to Learn English by Bridget Ryder - Profesora de inglés

The Best Way to Learn English

What can you really learn in an hour? It’s is a good question, since you’re interested in hiring an hour or two of private English classes. So, to give you an answer, it depends on how you spend that hour. Along all my peers at Oxinity, we've researched different models and tested different systems, and we have figured out how to maximize the hour you spend with your English teacher. There’s no trick to learning a foreign language and even though most providers claim that it takes an average of 500 hours of practice to reach a level of basic fluency or B2, we know that we have found a teaching method that allows our students to progress quickly without spending excessive hours in expensive classes. 150 class hours along with increased exposure to the language through authentic speech (films, series, songs, podcasts, videos with no subtitles, etc.) are enough to achieve good proficiency in English!

In many language programs, English is taught primarily as a body of content that must be memorized chapter by chapter. This creates life-long students because there is always new content that can be created by teachers and learned by students. While it’s true that learning a language is a life-long endeavor (even native speakers with college degrees can still expand their vocabulary, refine their speaking and writing, and learn new words and expressions based on new topics), this doesn’t mean you need to take endless amounts of English classes.

At Oxinity, we think of language not so much as content, but as code. Once you have cracked the code, you can send messages and continue to learn content in that language. We help you crack the code of English for yourself so you can quickly communicate and continue to learn on your own. To accomplish this, we focus class time on teaching you the building blocks of English. Each week, your teacher (we think of ourselves as playmakers) will lead you through a series of oral activities to practice grammar structures, learn new words, and help you with pronunciation. Each lesson is an intense hour of language exposure in which you, the student, get to do most of the talking. Combined with our online platform for practice and review and other fun ways to integrate language learning into your life (like watching movies or going to language exchanges), you will learn the content that is most relevant to you at your own pace. We believe that learning a language doesn’t have to be a tedious process of classroom learning. Language is life, so live and learn, spending just one hour a week with your Oxinity teacher.

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