5 Quick Language Tips To Set Yourself Up For The New Year by Jay Ann Aragon - Profesor de inglés

5 Quick Language Tips To Set Yourself Up For The New Year

2018 has passed and everything that happened just feels like a flash. Now that we are welcoming 2019, we want to start fresh and have the best motivation to begin the year. You might already thought of a New Year’s resolution, which are goals that you set to better yourselves. Indeed, it has become a tradition to make a list of them but some people make a lot of promises and make goals too general. These can be difficult to do and you’ll probably give up quickly after a couple of weeks.

“To improve in English” is one example of a general goal. “I will read the English newspaper everyday” or “I will study grammar 2 hours everyday” could be a big commitment that may not be possible with your busy schedule. Trying to force yourself doing them will only burn you out and lose your focus in achieving your goals.

Being specific and having a few realistic resolutions may be the key to actually stick to them. Rather than aiming big, think of small things you can manage to do. Small but frequent has been proven efficient in diets. It could also be the way to follow for effective language learning. So, cut your long list and try these points to help improve your English in 2019:

1. Follow English sites/personalities/groups in your social media. Our eyes are all set in our mobile phones and we might not have the time to sit and actually read a book but social media posts are short and easy to read. If you see a lot of them and see them everyday in your news feed.. Your mind is being set to think in English before you even know it.

2. Watch movies/shows in English. I know this has been said many times. But I can’t give more importance to this because it is effective in many ways. Watching movies/TV shows trains your ear to hear English sounds. You will hear how words are pronounced and you’ll be familiarized by how they are said. Have you ever wondered how babies say their first words? They simply copy whatever sound they hear. Don’t worry about not understanding every word the actor says. There’s always an option to watch with subtitles. Just follow the series of events and you’ll not be lost with the story.

3. Write your to-do list and shopping list in English. These can be simple phrases or words to remind you of what you need to do during the day. You are only taking down notes but instead of instinctively writing in your language, make the effort to write them in English. This is a good way to discover new vocabulary and remembering them.

4. Make reviews on the latest restaurant you ate at, or that last hotel you booked. Doing this will practice writing at least once in a while. It won’t be that difficult to construct 3-4 sentences to express how your experience has been.

5. Speak with an English speaker. This can be the most difficult one but even if it’s only very seldom, talk to English speakers every chance you get. If you are taking English classes, come early and spare no time talking to your teacher and classmates. Have the urge to initiate small talks. Remember: small but frequent steps will take you a long way.
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