My Tips and Resolutions for Learning in 2019 by Erika Kinast - Profesor de inglés

My Tips and Resolutions for Learning in 2019

Although I'm generally hesitant to make resolutions, there are some learnings that I will take with me into 2019, and one in particular: A Growth Mindset. That is, having a positive attitude towards learning, means that you can (and will!) learn new things. A Fixed Mindset, on the other hand, means that you believe your intelligence and skills are static, and that you stuck with what you have.

It sounds hoaky, but neuroscientists have found that if you have a positive attitude towards your ability to learn, your attitude will help you learn. Regardless of your age, the attitude of 'I don't know that yet', instead of 'I'm not good at that', can be incredibly powerful in your endeavour to learn something new. This includes learning a new language like English. As an English teacher, I often see how our mindsets influence our learning results. The Growth Mindset combined with the right instruction, and some tried and tested learning techniques will help you improve.  So this year, think about how much you have improved and still can improve, and not how far you are from perfection, and you'll be on the right track towards increasing your knowledge and skills. 

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