Learning English in Moratalaz, the best nieghborhood of Madrid by Bridget Ryder - Profesora de inglés

Learning English in Moratalaz, the best nieghborhood of Madrid

An American writer and journalist in Moratalaz

Eight years ago, I had never heard of Moratalaz. Like most foreign exchange students, I moved between the city center and Ciudad Universitaria and the rest of Madrid didn’t exist for me. Now I live in Moratalaz, and I love it, just like I love my husband, which is how I got here. Juan and I met in 2012 thanks to the internet (yes, a dating website), while we were both living in the US. Coincidentally, he, the Madrileño, had studied in Missouri, my home state in the US, and this Missouri girl had studied in Madrid, so we had a lot to talk about. A wedding and four years later, we left the United States behind to make a go of it in Spain, in my husband’s natal neighborhood of Moratalaz.

After qualifying as a TEFL teacher, teaching English to children and adults became my new vocation and profession

In the move, I found a new vocation and profession. Teaching English brings together so much of my previous life experience. When I’m teaching children, I bring in what I learned as a preschool teacher. When I’m working with adults, I rely not only on my TEFL training but also the language expertise I’ve acquired as a writer and journalist. When teaching professionals in companies, my experience in several sectors, including customer service and marketing, helps me to create classes tailored to the needs of my students.

Language is much more than words and rules. My classes are a portal to the English speaking world

In teaching English, though, I have realized that language is ultimately about communication and culture, and this is why I love it. My innate love for language and culture drives me to not just teach words and rules but to make each class an exchange. I have immensely enjoyed learning the Spanish language and culture. As an English teacher, I can now give an analogous experience to my students. I may not be able to take them to America with me, but through thoughtful preparation and rich materials, I can turn our class into a mini-trip to the Anglophile world. My goal for each class is to provide authentic English language experience right here in your neighborhood. Here in Moratalaz, I can give you a portal to the English speaking world. Sign up for your trial class today!

21 April 2021

A grain of salt!

This is a heads up. Keep 'em peeled
Oliver Riddleston

21 April 2021

¿Por qué no aprendo inglés?

Te has apuntado a distintos cursos, lo intentas pero nunca lo consigues y empiezas a frustrarte. Es posible que lo único que pase es que no has dado con un método adecuado, pues las academias tradicionales a menudo ofrecen cursos demasiado exigentes. Desde Oxinity hemos desarrollado un sistema para que aprendas inglés más rápido y hemos logrado acelerar este proceso hasta 4 veces más rápido que el resto de métodos.
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21 April 2021

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21 April 2021

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20 April 2021

El engaño de los supuestamente mejores métodos para aprender inglés del mercado

¡Ni 15 minutos al día, ni 1000 palabras, ni 8 meses! Los métodos más aclamados para aprender inglés tienen una cuarta parte de verdad y tres cuartas partes de marketing. Te decimos cómo pagar sólo el 10% de todas las horas que necesitas para aprender un idioma. Y para el 90% restante te montamos la estrategia para conseguirlo sin que te cueste ni un euro.
Radmila Gurkova

19 April 2021

Una oportunidad de aprendizaje.

Sir David Attenborough nos presenta este documental sobre la reocupación de los espacios humanos por animales salvajes durante los meses de confinamiento del año pasado en diferentes partes del mundo.
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19 April 2021

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16 April 2021

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