How television can change the way we speak English by Tom Rowson - Profesor de inglés nativo

How television can change the way we speak English

I started watching the comedy series "The Inbetweeners" during my adolescence. I began watching this series through a recommendation of a friend - then one friend lead to another and started watching also, it was a massive domino effect within the group and we all got hooked.

After all my friends had watched all 3 series', it impacted the way we all spoke, the jokes we all told, and the way we acted. At school we would always fit in a quote from the series which related to a specific moment, just to make the rest of the friends smile and laugh. We all related from the series we all had in common and watched. Still to this day when I see my friends we still have that same sense of humour in the group which we inherited from this series. I think it is extremely interesting how a series or a film can change the way people speak or act. Is there a film or series that has impacted your life? 
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