Stereotypes - People from the North of England and the South of England by Tom Rowson - Profesor de inglés nativo

Stereotypes - People from the North of England and the South of England

As a someone from the North of England, we have a lot of casual banter and jokes about people from the South of England and what we think about them. The first theory we have on people from the south is that they talk way too much, they want to tell you something brief and necessary and the next thing you know they're telling you a story about what their Dad's shoe size is! Not important! Get to the point! Also people from the South pay way too much for a pint of Lager, if you go to London you can pay more than £5 for a pint, in the North this is more or less impossible, we don't normally pay no more than £3.50 - even that is a rip off!

Also, Northerners are friendlier! Walk into a shop and greet the person behind the counter in the North and they’ll greet you back. Walk into a shop in the South and greet the shopkeeper and they’ll tell you to buy something or get lost. The simple truth is that northerners are nicer. We say "thank you driver" as we step off the bus. We make small talk in queues. We even, God forbid, chat to people who live on the same street as us.

All of which might seem implausible to southerners who, despite being shoved into close physical proximity in their overcrowded bit of the island, act as if everyone around them is a hologram.
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