Music – why it is perfect for learning English language by Torleif Villmones - Profesor de inglés

Music – why it is perfect for learning English language

How HIP-HOP can make you fuent in English

I am a big fan of music. I personally love hip-hop music; Eminem, Post Malone, Rae Sremmurd etc., it is all poetry in my ears. The lyrics and the rhythms are all ideal for me to survive a Monday on the metro in Madrid.

Is music a good tool for learning English language? Yes. This is excellent to learn the pronunciation of words and sentences, it is brilliant to get used to American slang - just like a movie or podcast. For example in Dr. Dre’s song “I need a doctor”, in this song there are a lot of good grammar and phrases for learning English:

“I’m about to lose my mind, you’ve been gone for so long. I’m running out of time… I need a doctor.”

- Lose my mind: Means to go crazy or to go mental.
- I’m running out of time: Means to be out of time, or to have no time left.

As you can see the phrases are very useful in popular songs. And they are equally important when having a conversation: “I RAN OUT OF gas, so I will not come home.”
Or: “I have too much work, I AM LOSING MY MIND!”

So just pick any song you like, it can be rock, hip-hop, reggaeton or maybe opera. And listen closely to the lyrics. Then you can catch a few idioms from the song.
Ever since I left my studies in Chemistry in Norway and moved to Madrid to be an English teacher, I have started to listen to some Spanish music. And by listening closely I learn the Spanish language, so it works both ways.
Have a nice day everyone.

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