Obtaining Your NIE in Barcelona. by Agatha Winiarczyk - Profesora de inglés

Obtaining Your NIE in Barcelona.

I cannot emphasize enough that one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of moving to Barcelona was obtaining a NIE number. Everyone that has moved here has had the exact same experience. However, there are many sites that can help with the process but don’t really give you all the details of what it really entails to get this document. So I thought I’d share.


What is a NIE and why do we need it.

NIE is an all purpose identification and tax number for everyone who is not a Spanish citizen. Both EU and non-EU citizens can acquire this number and must in order to work in Spain. You can get either a NIE number or NIE number with residency.

In order to obtain a NIE you need to fill out the application form (EX-15) however it is important to remember this form must be filled out in Spanish.

This is the site which you would need to go to begin the process online.

And if you’re like me you’ll need to go to the Advanced settings in order to access the site.
Once you do select:
  • Select “Barcelona”
  • “Certificados UE”
  • Next page click “Entrar”
  • Fill in your information and click Aceptar
  • Click “Solicitar cita” and Make An Appointment
  • Select the office and date

You can try to apply for the NIE appointment online through this site however I will tell you from experience it is nearly impossible to do it this way. Firstly, the site doesn’t work half the time, it says it’s a security risk to proceed. Even when you do proceed it’s still tricky to navigate through. Secondly, you will almost certainly get the “Currently No Appointments Available” notification every time you try.

I started asking around and one woman told me that you have to log in either every Monday or Tuesday (she couldn’t remember) and fill out the information before 8:00AM and you have two minutes in order to click submit. Yes, at 8:02 apparently the site was “no longer taking appointments” once again. I didn’t even understand the concept behind that and after a month I decided the best way for me to obtain the NIE was through an agency.

The company that helped me was called NIE Barcelona

I emailed them giving all my necessary information and within two days I received a response. I exchanged WhatsApp phone numbers with the woman who was going to help me and told me that we can go the following day to obtain the NIE and would also be issued the same day. To be honest I couldn’t believe it. I was trying for a month to get this number with no luck and she told me I was going to have it in my hands the next day. It seemed too good to be true.

I arranged to meet her at 10:30 in the morning at the office where they issue the NIE. She told me to make sure I have the proper documents beforehand: passport and job offer letter. She gave me the address, Avinguda dels Vents 9, Badalona and the following morning I went. There were about five other people there for the same reason and she was helping all of us fill out the paperwork since it must be in Spanish. The whole process took less than 2 hours. I had to pay 102 Euro (90 for NIE + 12 for residency) but for me, after waiting and trying myself for a month, I honestly didn’t mind paying. I was too stressed that I wasn’t going to be able to start working instead of the 100+ euro.

My honest opinion if you’re still struggling to get your NIE is to do it through this company. I can tell you they are legit and will help you with the whole process. And side note, you pay AFTER you have your NIE in your hand. So that’s another huge plus. No scam here I promise.

Comment below if you guys have any questions, I’d be more than happy to!
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