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Lets talk about music!!

When I was a teenager, I was part of a rock band in London, we used to play GIGS at pubs, we did all our REHEARSAL at a small studio in Putney.

I played the Bass guitar. I got into playing the Bass guitar because I had spear time at school, so I enrolled in music class and started playing ACOUSTIC guitar, were I meet my best friend Serif.

My love for rock music was already there, at that time young people were very influenced by the different types of music: Rock, Pop, Punk, New Wave, Disco Music, Ska and New Romantics.

I was and I am a rocker, so me and my BFF started a girls rock band, we were 5: a DRUMMER, LEAD GUITAR and BACK UP VOCALS, RYTHM GUITAR and LEAD SINGER and finally me on the BASS GUITAR.


GIG: a single performance by a musician or group of musicians, especially playing modern or pop music:
The band is going to Atlanta to play a gig at the Fox Theatre.

REHARSAL: a time when all the people involved in a play, dance, etc. practice in order to prepare for a performance:
They didn't have time for (a) rehearsal before the performance.

ACOUSTIC: used to refer to a musical instrument that is not made louder by electrical equipment:
an acoustic guitar

BFF: Stands for Best Friends Forever.

DRUMMER: someone who plays a drum or a set of drums, especially in a music group.

LEAD GUITAR: Is the person in charge of the guitar pick.

RYTHM GUITAR: Is the person who keeps the beat going.

LEAD SINGER: Or lead vocalist, either leads the vocal ensemble, or sets against the ensemble as the dominant sound.

BASS GUITAR: also known as electric bass, or simply bass, is a plucked string instrument similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, except with a longer neck and scale length, and four to six strings or courses.

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