Taking the Tracks by Harvie Chiu - Profesor de inglés en Madrid

Taking the Tracks

Escapism by train remains underrated but it can provide a real sense of freedom. Taking the tracks can also be exhilarating and can give you the chance to unwind without having to deal with the stress of the airport. Knowing that someone else is in the driving seat, you do not need to worry about getting lost, getting stuck in traffic or experience any delays. Taking a train means you have more room to stretch out and walk around whenever you feel like it compared to driving or taking a plane. There is something quite exciting when stepping aboad a train for a long journey, especially one with a historic past like the Venice Simplon Orient Express. It is difficult to deny the charm and elegance of this opulent pièce de résistance epitomising the golden age of rail travel. 

One does not need to travel in style and not every train journey is as luxurious, but taking a holiday by the tracks can whisk you away to another part of the world. Any trip will allow you to explore new places and discover different cultures and cuisines, right from the window of the carriage while watching the world go by. What you see from your seat will be as much a part of your holiday as arriving at your destination. Whether you travel independently or with an escorted tour company, such a trip will open your eyes to a different corner of the world. Recharge your body and slow down your mind, so sit back, relax and enjoy your travels. 

Rail travel can represent great value for money, if you know how to find the best deals. Pre-booked tickets in Europe can be flexible enabling you to change your mind at the last minute if you happen to enjoy one city more than your intended stay. 

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09 April 2021

Leslie Marmolejo

07 April 2021

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04 April 2021

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A look at Spanish politics from an anglophone perspective may be more objective than listening to one side of a divided country.

30 March 2021

The Balance In Teaching Children

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How a huge lifestyle change exposed me to the world of teaching

Bulgaria! Who would want to live there? And where the heck is it anyway? I would soon to find out and was ready to embrace the lifestyle changes that led me to becoming a teacher.
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24 March 2021

Teaching English to children is...... a mixed bag of emotions!

I find it very gratifying when a young student 'gets it' . A child who has been so frustrated but put their heart and soul into practicing their Achilles’ heel. But, why do some just give up, they do not go the extra mile, it doesn’t matter. Or does it?
Bev Sisson
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