Saturn's Moons: Intro by Soraya Rodríguez - ESL for Spanish Students and Teachers

Saturn's Moons: Intro

Saturn's Moons


Saturn’s Moons aren’t any beads or trinkets; they are gems. Precious gems. No one cares if they’ve been polished, smoothed or carved to suit one’s likings for they are gems and they just are. They can be the way they are. They already are. Despite changes, they still are. And so they will be forever after as thus they are now, virtuous in their core, incorruptible. Moons in my universe, walking eternity, muses and saviours and dragons and fire: these all, they are.

We are Lifenguage speakers, the language we used when we first met and of which we are native speakers. Lifenguage can be coded in different conventional ways in order to communicate and thus, I’ll say we all met in English at some point in our lives. Some of us are native speakers of English and some of us are not, but not being native English speakers was and is clearly not a barrier as all of us are surely native Lifenguage speakers.

Lifenguage does not only allow us to speak differently compared to many others. Lifenguage provides us with a unique standard-free weightless environment in which we can turn our universe of experiences into words to either try to make sense of the world we live in or help us cope with acknowledging that it makes no sense when it doesn’t -and that's fine. And this is how we connected when we first met since we are all experts at hovering in the midst of standard communication. Lifenguage doesn’t make us wonder whether we think and/ or dream in any language: Lifenguage simply lets us be.

How long we have known each other for or how far from one another real life keeps us isn’t relevant. Some of us haven’t even met yet. How we found or will find each other and sharing Lifenguage is. This is what made Saturn’s Moons possible and real as it is.

We, Lifenguage Women is an account of real Lifenguage events in which their protagonists also answer the same five questions to give the reader a very tiny glimpse of who they are -as there wouldn’t be enough room in the cloud for who they really are. They are an individual universe in themselves, they can't fit in clouds. 


Picture: “Lifenguage Woman at night”.
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