THE MAGIC HOUR by Andrew - Profesor de inglés


Taking a break from life is by no means a new concept, nevertheless, the need for it has become exponentially more important. Research has shown that, unlike past generations, our brains are constantly being bombarded with information. Instant access to new information via our cellphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs have created a new reality for us. 

Next time you are walking down the street, taking the metro or bus, at a restaurant, take a minute to look around and realise the amount of people on their smartphones. This constant feed of stimuli prevents our brains from taking a real break. In addition, it is preventing us from really appreciating our surroundings. 

Therefore, a new concept has been developing called the Magic Hour. The concept is simple, take an hour out of every day and focus on yourself! Leave behind the technology and give your brain a break! Whether is going for a walk, sitting at a bench or interacting with nature, the important thing is that you do something you enjoy! 

Personally, I try to enjoy my Magic Hour during sunset. My grandmother was a huge fan of sunset. I remember sitting with her after school, right before dinner, and staring out at the beautiful painting in the sky where unearthly colors became entangled in a heavenly swirl. Taking my Magic Hour at that time allows me to relax, remember some fond memories, and appreciate the beauty nature has to offer. 
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