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Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 3

Sitting in the truck with the warm wind hitting her hair, Isabel thought to herself that she was happy. She was going on an adventure. Isabel looked out the window.

“You know, we probably won’t find anything.” Leo said as he chewed on a ham bocadillo (small sandwich).  He sat across from Isabel and waited for her reaction.

Isabel looked at him confused. “Then why did you register for this archaeological dig if you think we won’t find anything?”

“For the ghosts, of course.” Leo replied, almost plainly.

Isabel was starting to lose patience with Leo. Ghosts were all he ever wanted to talk about. Ever since he found out the town they were going to dig in was known to be haunted, he was obsessed with the idea of seeing a ghost in real life.

Isabel tried to ignore him, choosing to concentrate on the scenery passing by her. She wanted to think about all the artifacts she would find. Hopefully, Leo was wrong and they would discover something amazing! Maybe they would find a coffin or treasure! Or both!

“Now don’t get your hopes up too much, guys. Archaeology is all about having patience. Sometimes it takes a while before you find something. And it is rarely what people would consider ‘treasure’” the teacher called back to them from the front passenger seat.

Isabel was shocked for a moment. It was almost like the teacher has read her mind.

The rest of the car trip was long and hot. Isabel was happy to finally arrive at the accommodations, a large house in the town. She grabbed her bags and ran into the house searching for her room. The house was dark, even in the middle of the day. She felt cool air even though it was the middle of the summer. Each step she took, she heard the wooden floor making noise underneath her feet. She walked down corridor after corridor. And then she saw a door with a bright red handle. She was curious. As she reached for the handle, she heard something behind her.

“Can I help you?” she heard someone say. The voice was low and deep.

She turned around to see a tall man in a butler’s outfit standing in front of her.

“I was looking for my room….”

“Ah yes, Isabel, is it? Your room is this way. There is nothing for you to see over in this part of the house.” He said as he quickly guided her away from the door and down the dark stairs to her room.



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